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Find a mission when you are freelance is not always easy. However, many customers are looking for competent service providers. Freelance Informatique provides the solution.

How to easily find an IT freelancer?

IT Freelancer is the ideal platform for all those who want to find an IT service provider. But it also allows IT specialists to meet customers without having to waste time prospecting.

The platform stands out from its competitors by its reference pool in Hard IT and its specialization in the field of IT. It aims to directly connect the best freelancers and large companies looking for highly qualified service providers.

With 118,000 profiles, the choice is very wide, all areas are covered, from digital to engineering, including specialists in infrastructure and methods and trades. One year of subscription gives you unlimited access to the different profiles, for a cost similar to what an ESN would charge you for one month of service.

Why choose Freelance Informatique to find your service provider?

The platform has many advantages for companies looking for a highly qualified service provider. First of all, it allows you to save on the price of the connection. There are no hidden fees. As a customer, you only pay your annual subscription. You will then have access to quality profiles.

Most importantly, you’ll get results quickly, without the need for time-consuming research. The search engine allows an efficient selection of profiles, according to the criteria selected, such as geographical location and the necessary skills.

You mainly have two methods to find your IT freelancer. The first is to submit an advertisement for a mission. Freelancers registered on the platform will contact you and you can consult their file. You can also search directly among the available profiles, using the platform’s search engine. You will have access to the CVs of freelancers.

Why choose Freelance Informatique when you are an IT specialist?

Many freelancers are disappointed by the platforms, which are often too general to allow them to find missions corresponding to their skills. Those who are looking for real missions, of a high level, will find what they are looking for on Freelance Informatique. The platform offers a high hiring rate. Applications are very often followed by fruitful contacts with employers.

But Freelance Informatique has other advantages for freelancers. The latter benefit from direct contact with advertisers and companies, without any intermediary. The platform does not charge any commission during the missions and there are no hidden costs.

Once the freelancer has created on file, he can consult the available missions and submit his application. By paying particular attention to his profile, he also increases his chances of being contacted directly by a company looking for an IT specialist.

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Freelance Informatique, the platform that connects customers and service providers – Forbes France

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