Everything you need to know about computer training

Computer science is a field that attracts many students because it is a growth sector. According to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the professional integration rate of computer science master’s graduates is 96%. Lessons taught in training computer science relate to several disciplines. In addition to the theoretical courses, the students have throughout the year workshops, work in laboratories as well as weeks of internships. The following subjects are taught in most courses:

  • Economy
  • Math
  • Communication
  • Social science
  • computer networks etc.

What studies to follow in the domain computer science ?

Which Bac to work in IT?

From high school, you have the possibility of following courses in computer science according to the baccalaureate and the specialties you choose. The digital and computer sciences specialty (NSI) is taught in a general way and allows to understand the concepts and methods which are the basis of computer science. And if you opt for the technological path, you will have the choice between two series offering lessons in computer science:

  • Tray STMG : the management information systems (GIS) specialty aims to acquire the basics of programming and website development, as well as to learn the role of IT in the management of a company.
  • Tray STI2D : the specific teaching of information and digital systems (SIN) allows high school students a technological approach to computing thanks to several projects

A BTS or a computer GOAL?

Computer studies can be followed in BTS, directly after obtaining the baccalaureate. After two years of training, initial or work-study, it is possible to enter directly into working life. Also, specialized computer technicians are always highly sought after by companies.

There are currently 3 IT BTS:

Provided in IUT, the BUT, or University Bachelor of Technology, allows to obtain a solid training in 3 years and to specialize in computer science. The 5 GOAL existing offer different specializations (industrial computing, telecommunications, networks, etc.).

Which license to choose: general or professional?

The university offers computer training including licenses. Two types of licenses are possible: professional Where general.

  • The professional license is a perfect way for holders of a BTS or a DUT, to specialize but above all to have a Bac+3 level, a real plus in a CV.
  • The general license is accessible after the Bac, the bachelor’s degree in computer science is above all a multidisciplinary training including computer science but also mathematics, physics and chemistry.

After their bachelor’s degree in computer science, students can continue their studies with a Master’s degree in computer science, but they can also turn to a multidisciplinary master’s degree.

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To find out all about the Master 1, Master 2, Specialized Master (MS) or MBA and find your future training in the digital field, go to Studyrama fair for Digital, IT, Data and Network Masters. A unique opportunity to discover the establishments and discuss with the educational managers to ask them all your questions!

Specialized schools: post-baccalaureate or post-preparatory?

Accessible directly after the baccalaureate, computer schools generally offer training ranging from bac+2 to bac+5. There are two types of computer schools: post BAC and post-prep. Post-baccalaureate schools last 5 years while post-preparatory schools are usually carried out in 3 or 4 years. It should be kept in mind that the majority of schools private of computers are paying. In addition to initial training, some offer work-study course. The student then follows a training that combines theory with practice. The positive point of the alternation is to be paid, but especially not to pay the school!

Computer engineering schools: which one to choose?

Engineering schools offer programs with a specialization in computer science. There are many computer engineering schools in France accessible after a Bac or a Bac+2+3. With 115,000 additional jobs planned by 2030 among computer engineersthe recruitment dynamic continues to grow strongly.

Engineering studies can sometimes frighten female students: do I have my place? Would I be discredited because of my gender? A guide female engineer is available with testimonials, answers on the future of women in engineering.

How to integrate computer training?

The BTS, BUT, and computer licenses are accessible via the Parcoursup platform.

For computer schools, the onboarding process varies by institution. For the selections, some schools opt for the Parcoursup platform. The others generally choose via application file directly via their site.

A liPARCOURSUP - INSTRUCTIONS FOR USEre to find out more about Parcoursup admissions :


With this guide, you will put the odds on your side to obtain the post-Bac training of your choice!

From the creation of the file to the final administrative registration, the author offers tips and tricks, advice, and above all outlines the entire process to be followed, in chronological order, to successfully register on the national Parcoursup platform.

The new training courses, the new calendar, the new instructions, the expectations of the establishments, the possibilities of answers, the necessary elements of the application file… Everything that can confuse and distress candidates and their parents is discussed, illustrated and explained simply for allow for thoughtful orientation and optimal use of the platform.

How to become a computer scientist?

From the bachelor’s degree to the master’s through schools, graduates from the IT sector generally join the world of work. For the bravest, it is possible to create your business and become his own boss. There isn’t just one path to becoming a computer scientist. A computer scientist can follow a training in a school, or even at the university. Despite everything that one may think, IT has many more outlets than the IT profession.

What job in IT?

Discover the jobs in computer science to which a bac +5 graduate can claim:

data architect


IT Technician


Web Architect

Web developer

IT Developer

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Everything you need to know about computer training

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