Essonne: Computing accessible to seniors in Lardy

The city of Lardy offers computer courses for the year 2022 for elderly people in difficulty with digital technology.

We are May 18, it is at 9:30 am. Five candidates present themselves for the “IT and digital baccalaureate”. They draw lots for two subjects in a hat. “Recognize fraudulent emails”, “Find information online about a famous person”, “Crop, delete and send images by email”, “Make an appointment with your doctor”, “Start an anti-virus search on the ‘computer’, etc.

The participants in the initiation get caught up in the game of the baccalaureate version of Cenoleti, a digital assistance company whose saying is “IT is your friend”. That day, they all got the mention “Very good”!

Knowing how to navigate the internet has become a necessity for everyone. You have to know how to declare your taxes online, make an appointment with your doctor, stay in touch with the family who has gone elsewhere… During the Wednesday morning workshops, the computer specialist Benjamin Cotty learns the basics of computer science on the personal devices of the participants or on laptops that he brings with him. The group learns, for example, to clean their computer, avoid scams, manage their image gallery and at the same time, they stimulate their memory.

At the beginning of May, the participants had the right to a small baccalaureate.

Since the start of the workshops in January, the students are more confident. “ I feel them more at ease, they become autonomous by learning through play and everyone can explain their difficulty and we learn together “, explains the professional.

Start at any age

Among the students, Paul, 92, a former accountant retired only five years ago, learned through his work to use accounting software. He registered because he feels the need to complete his skills and clarify certain difficulties. ” For me, IT is an essential tool and I prove that you can improve at any age. “, he underlines.

Fight against isolation

Our goal is that they are no longer afraid to use the computer and the internet, the more they practice and the more comfortable they will be. “, underlines Bérénice Loison, manager of the CCAS of Lardy.

In its policy in favor of social action, the Departmental Council of Essonne fights against the loss of autonomy of the elderly. The Conference of Funders for the Prevention of Loss of Autonomy and Inclusive Housing (CFPPA-HI) in Essonne had launched a call for projects with the aim of expanding its range of collective prevention actions. The CCAS de Lardy had submitted this project for digital inclusion. This allows beneficiaries to access the initiation free of charge for the year 2022.

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Information on or Cenoleti will be present at the Pros of June organized on Saturday June 11 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Lardy in partnership with Crédit Agricole. Demonstrations of activities, creative workshops, pancake tasting, etc. For your home, your leisure activities, your well-being, your professional activity, and your other service needs, time to discuss with professionals.

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Essonne: Computing accessible to seniors in Lardy

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