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In a barometer entitled Kyu, the publisher Komte supplemented the results of Dares and Ple emploi on recruitment in the fields of programming and IT consulting. The first trend that emerges is the level of tension in these professions two and a half times higher than the French average.

Dares and Pôle emploi have developed a tension indicator to measure the tensions of the French job market by profession and by territory. The Kyu barometer produced by the publisher Komete has added elements to it. According to the data analyzed, decreasing before the health crisis of 2019, the shortage of code and IT consulting professionals intensified becoming 2.5 times higher than in all sectors in 2021. In the economy, tensions in recruiting developers and IT consulting professionals have increased due to two factors, the report points out. On the one hand, IT needs have accelerated, with +79% job offers in programming and IT consulting between December 2020 and June 2021, compared to +65% all sectors combined. On the other hand, recruitment competition has intensified among large international groups that have hired IT profiles in France.

Development and IT consulting recruitment under high pressure Computerworld

The skills deficit has increased in the IT consulting and programming professions. (Source: Komète/Image credit: Komète)

+10% on the salary index for coders and consultants

For a year, the increase in wages has been the strongest ever recorded since 2017 over one year. If this can be explained by the inflationary context seen in 2022, it can also be a sign of continued recruitment tensions, considers Komete. Until June 2021, wages in computer programming and consulting increased at a faster rate than that of all other professions (+5% between Dec. 2018 and Dec. 2021 compared to +4% all sectors combined However, after the summer of 2021, this dynamic reversed (+3% in IT between June 2021 and Sept. 2022, +4% for all sectors).

The salary index for executives in the IT programming and consulting sector increased by 9.9% between June 2017 and June 2022 (vs. 9.8% for executives in all sectors). And it is all the engineering professions that contribute the most to labor market tensions. In addition to consulting and code, R&D and project management, production, computer maintenance activities and also business development are concerned. Technicians also contribute to tensions, but to a lesser extent.

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In five years, the salary index for coders and IT consultants has increased by almost 10% (Source: Komète/Image credit: Komète)

Among the most critical categories in the sector due to a significant increase in recruitment, there are 3 main areas of activity: IT development, project management and the commercial and business part. The most critical, with an increase in job offers of more than 60% between Q1-2021 and Q-2 2022, are IT project managers and business analysts. The professions of DevOps engineers, business development manager and C+++ developer are also popular with an increase in offers of between 40% and 50% between Q2-2021 and Q2-2022.

Significant IT needs in the regions

On the regional side, Normandy and to a lesser extent Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Occitanie saw a very strong increase in the number of IT job offers published between the first three quarters of 2021 and the first three quarters of 2022. This acceleration may reflect an intensification of labor needs in these territories and therefore recruitment tensions. Although Ile-de-France is in line in terms of volume of advertisements with other regions such as the Centre-Val de Loire or the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, it is characterized by the importance of these recruitment needs in technologies.

1674935766 826 Development and IT consulting recruitment under high pressure Computerworld

Digital companies are recruiting with a vengeance in most French regions (Source: Komète / Image credit: Komète)

However, the slowdown in the French economy in 2022 (0.3% of GDP, source: Banque de France projections) linked to the energy crisis, inflation and the war in Ukraine, may have slowed the use of the IT service causing a reduction in the need for IT specialists in the sector. According to Komète, this phenomenon could influence the tensions in the professions of programming and technological consulting or at least make them reach a plateau in the short term.

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Development and IT consulting, recruitment under high pressure – Computerworld

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