Decathlon is accelerating the use of its 100% cloud computing worldwide

In 4 years, Decathlon has completely migrated its infrastructures, applications and services to the Cloud. Now is the time for acceleration and scaling up. The “Full Cloud” Program was launched in 2017. The Decathlon group began by practicing computer storage in the Cloud in 2010.

The full Cloud used at the beginning in India

The full cloud migration of our group is a real success says Jérôme Dubreuil, Chief Digital Officer of Decathlon since January 2020, coming from Samsung Electronics where he worked on the Cloud intended for the Internet of Things for the general public. The “full Cloud” had been used for many years by Decathlon in places without a Data Center such as India for example. Incidentally, the manager slips a critique of the approach taken by other companies. ” In comparison with other companies similar to us, we have been able to demonstrate the agility and innovative strength that characterize Decathlon. he continues.

“Other groups of similar size do it but partially”

He insists that all computing is now in the cloud. ” Having migrated all of our infrastructures, applications and services to the Cloud by managing to get all the teams on board is a remarkable feat when you know that other groups of a similar size are doing it, but only partially. he comments. “ We sensed very early on, within the group, that we would have to adopt the full cloud model across the entire company. The migration to 100% Cloud rhymed with obviousness he said.

The success of the project comes from its visibility by the general management. ” Migration to 100% Cloud has been defined as a priority at the highest level of the company. This impulse came from our leaders » he underlines. This resulted in a great involvement of the teams. In the field, it was necessary to adapt skills, by mixing company employees and new talents, and to be accompanied by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) experts.

Uses are becoming more complex and intensifying in the Cloud

The question that arises today is that of acceleration, while Decathlon has been practicing 100% Cloud for more than a year. ” Uses are becoming more complex and intensified in terms of frequency, as we offer real experiences to hundreds of millions of users around the world presents Gilles Chervy, Vice President Cloud platform, Infrastructure, Engineering Productivity at Decathlon. “ Such an offer requires the creation and management of complete and active connected ecosystems in real time. he said.

We must be prepared to support the increase in load, the scalability”

And you have to reckon with sports news and major events. ” Added to this are events that generate needs whose scope cannot be defined in advance, such as the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. We must be prepared to support the increase in load and scalability. These are all the works we are currently conducting he announces.

Decathlon has to deal with more and more data, more and more real time. ” Thanks to the full Cloud, we have unlimited capacity available on demand. We can treat all uses, respond to all our customers with personalized services says Andrei Savine, Transformation Director, Cloud Platform Engineering at Decathlon. Decathlon wants developments in the Cloud to be democratized. ” In the near future, everyone developing in the cloud will be a cloud citizen he adds. “It is by relying on our teams that we were able to operate our complete migration to the Cloud and thus develop our individual and collective Cloud expertise. This know-how enables our teams to develop digital solutions and products for our customers.” he describes.

Decathlon wants to become the sports platform of the future

Decathlon considers the Cloud to be essential to becoming the sports platform of the future. Eventually, the company also plans to share its experiences and know-how in full cloud with other companies wishing to make the same shift. Decathlon has a multi-Cloud strategy. The distributor relies on several Cloud providers covering all of the 67 countries in which it operates. It selects the best cloud provider for each given market.

The strategy of choosing the best cloud per country is a daily challenge

However, AWS and GCP occupy key positions and were the two players that accompanied the migration project from 2017 to 2021. But there are countries – such as China for example – in which it is necessary to call on national suppliers to ensure good quality of service. This strategy is a daily challenge recognizes the company. At the same time, being able to choose the most efficient cloud provider for a given need is an advantage for employees who are used to working with agility.

It took 4 years to migrate the entire company 100% to the Cloud. In the early 2010s, Decathlon decided to deploy two complementary paths, the Cloud and the data center. The group was then experimenting with the Cloud as an industrial application platform. It took several years for the company to decide to keep only one lane. In June 2017, the Full Cloud Program was launched and consisted of 100% migration of IT applications and components to public cloud providers. After a 6-month study, Decathlon decided to close centralized private hosting, 2 Datacenters in Europe and 2 Data Centers in China at the end of 2021.

A team of 350 people to ensure the migration to the Cloud

In full digital transformation, Decathlon considered it necessary to focus on data. Adopting the cloud was expected to help meet renewable energy targets as well. The migration to the Cloud was led by Sébastien Lecocq, Senior Engineering Manager Infrastructures and Cybersecurity at Decathlon, with 350 people. It was necessary to work on migrations while maintaining continuity of services and without impacting the business.

“We have decided to trust Cloud experts to operate our full Cloud shift”

The teams have taken care of the technical debt accumulated for years. They also had to deal with the pandemic and to continue the migration program without falling behind schedule. To perform this migration, Decathlon relied on AWS and GCP. ” Cloud management is a profession and it is not ours recognizes Sébastien Lecocq. ” We are cloud users. Our priorities are our applications and data, which create value for our customers. There are Cloud experts and it is to them that we turned, to them that we decided to trust to operate our full cloud shift he recalls.

The migration took two forms. Part of the program was carried out in “lift & shift” mode for 70% of the services and the other part was operated in native Cloud, ie 30% of the services. Some teams within the company had in fact immediately carried out a new design, a complete “redesign”, of their native Cloud tools and services so as not to have to carry out new work in the medium or long term. The full cloud has been in effect for more than a year within Decathlon. All new uses work in full Cloud. Decathlon believes it has better resilience and ability to react in the event of an incident in the face of infrastructure and customer data security requirements. As for the storage capacity, it is undeniably superior.

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Decathlon is accelerating the use of its 100% cloud computing worldwide
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