Cybertrust Japan Integrates Quantum Computing-Enhanced Private Keys from Quantinuum into New IoT Authentication Platform

Japan’s First Commercial Certificate Authority Integrates Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin Solution to Strengthen IoT Device Security Protections Against Current and Future Threats

CAMBRIDGEEngland, and BROOMFIELD, Colorado, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantinumthe world’s first embedded quantum computing company, today announced that Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., Japan’s first certificate authority, has integrated its Quantum Origin quantum computing-enhanced private keys into a new certificate issuance and distribution platform for IoT devices to ensure communications secure now and in the future.

Cybertrust Japan’s new authentication infrastructure for issuing and distributing high-speed certificates for large volumes of IoT devices includes post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms selected by NIST. The certificate authority further protects devices against current and future threats by integrating Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin solution, the only cryptographic solution that harnesses the power of quantum computers to generate quantum computing-enhanced keys.

“The Quantum Origin integration assures our customers that they can build innovative IoT-based solutions on a platform they can trust to deliver speed and increased security, including support for post-processing algorithms. quantum. Therefore, customers and partners can safely use and sell our certification services over the long term,” said Yasutoshi Magara, President and CEO of Cybertrust Japan. “We want to promote activities aimed at realizing a safe and secure society in collaboration with Quantinuum. »

IoT devices typically use certificates to authenticate their connection to other devices or networks to prove they are trusted devices. The challenge when delivering and managing certificates through these devices is complex due to the volume of devices attempting to connect to networks and the need to provide fast access to data. Security measures must be robust while allowing real-time communications.

“Cybertrust Japan and Quantinuum have shown that an advanced quantum computing-based solution like Quantum Origin can be seamlessly integrated into the authentication infrastructure to strengthen key and certificate generation. Cybertrust Japan is the first certification provider in the world to support quantum computing hardened keys through Quantum Origin,” said Duncan Jones, Cybersecurity Manager at Quantinuum. “As the use of IoT devices grows, businesses need to ensure their devices have state-of-the-art protection against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that threaten their most valuable data and assets. Quantum Origin is the only solution in the world that provides encryption keys generated by quantum computers giving customers an unparalleled ability to strengthen existing security measures and reduce their risk of exposure to advanced crypto-based attacks. »

Cybertrust Japan’s secure IoT platform protects end devices throughout the product lifecycle, from semiconductor design to device implementation to final disposal. The secure IoT platform creates security certificates for the manufacturing process to protect hardware, make the manufacturing process traceable, and provide long-term warranty against defects. The product also includes a device management platform to enable secure operating system and software updates, in addition to securing data created and transmitted by devices.

About Cybertrust Japan

As Japan’s first commercial certificate authority, Cybertrust Japan provides authentication and security services as well as Linux/OSS services for on-premises, cloud and embedded domains by applying LINUX kernel MIRACLE technology and knowledge of open source software (OSS). By combining these technologies with deep security expertise, the company also drives services that support customer service reliability by proving “people, tangibles, and intangibles” correctness for IoT and IT. other high-tech areas. Cybertrust Japan is committed to realizing a safe and secure society with highly specialized and neutral technologies for IT infrastructure.

About Quantinum

Quantinum is the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company. It was born from the fusion of cutting-edge hardware from Honeywell Quantum Solutions and world-class applications and middleware from Cambridge Quantum. Grounded in science and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Quantinuum accelerates quantum computing and application development in chemistry, cybersecurity, finance and optimization. Its goal is to create scalable and commercial quantum solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems in areas such as energy, logistics, climate change and health. The company employs more than 480 people, including 350 scientists, at nine locations across the United States,Europe and Japan.


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Cybertrust Japan Integrates Quantum Computing-Enhanced Private Keys from Quantinuum into New IoT Authentication Platform

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