Computer engineer: exercise an IT profession in wage portage

In order to exercise his profession as he sees fit and to benefit from considerable social advantages, the computer engineer, the data scientist or the computer developer can opt for wage portage. This solution appeals to many independent professionals in search of freedom and security. Let’s do a check in.

IT Engineer Eligibility for Porting

The society Didaxis confirms it to you: wage portage is indeed open to all IT professions. The computer engineer is one of them. This last sets up telecommunications networks for operators, companies or Digital Service Companies (ESN). It designs, organizes and operates the architecture of telecommunications networks. He supervises their implementation by reducing costs

The status of freelance computer engineer

Let’s go back a bit to the definition of wage portage to fully understand the subject. This is a way of working subject to a commercial contract. Three entities are involved: the umbrella company, the client company, and the independent professional. The latter performs tasks in freelance within a regulated framework. The company that carries it transforms its turnover into remuneration by deducting employer contributions and social security contributions. She also handles a large part of the administrative tasks.

The status of carried employee allows the IT engineer to benefit from the advantages of traditional salaried work without losing freedom and autonomy offered by freelancing. To date, it is one of the most beneficial legal forms.

The advantages resulting from the status of computer engineer in wage portage

This telecommunications expert must know how wage portage works in order to take advantage of all its advantages:

Accompaniment and follow-up by the portage company

The wearer is accompanied throughout his project as a computer engineer. This option is ideal especially for those who are new to the industry. The umbrella company is a real springboard for the self-employed.

Great autonomy for the wearer

IT wage portage offers incomparable conditions to web professionals who are looking for greater freedom. Thus, the IT engineer can continue to:

  • Choose your customers.
  • Apply its own rates.
  • Work as you please.

Guaranteed social coverage

The social protection of the carried does not differ in any point with that of the traditional employee. Its warranties are:

  • Care management: the wearer is entitled to the reimbursement of health care and maternity, paternity, as well as work stoppages covered by Social Security. Thanks to the company mutual insurance negotiated by the portage company, he can sometimes fully cover his health costs for himself and his household.
  • The pension contribution in wage portage: he contributes to his pension every month. The umbrella company is then responsible for calculating and deducting the contributions to pay them back to the pension organizations.
  • Unemployment benefits: the wearer can touch them subject to accumulating 88 days or 610 hours of work in the last 28 months.
  • Daily allowances in the event of sick leave: their ceiling is set at 50% of the base daily salary of the employee, with no minimum number of hours.

Delegated administrative management

With ported status, you can free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on those with real added value. Your weekend will no longer be about dealing with a stack of papers. The portage company supports the edition of your pay slips, the processing of your expense reports, the generation of your invoices, customer reminders,… This allows you to focus on the missions of your clients and the development of your activity.

Training plans

The rights applied to a traditional employee are identical to those of the network architect in wage portage. His professional training account (CPF) is supplied throughout its missions. Thus, he will be able to select training soft skills or hard skills, essential to stay up to date and successful in the job market. The umbrella company can define a training plan that promotes the learning of new skills.

The computer engineer who works in wage portage is devoted exclusively to the development of his career. He acts in total autonomy by combining the advantages of the freelancer and the traditional employee.

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Computer engineer: exercise an IT profession in wage portage

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