Computer attack in the Department of Seine Maritime (76)

The Department of Seine-Maritime (76) announces that it is the victim of a large-scale cyber attack on Monday, October 10. In response, it was decided to completely cut off the Department’s networks to “isolate, secure and protect the community”.

Assessment of the damage and restoration of the capacity to act

The department assesses the damage, works to protect user data and restore its ability to act. He is in contact with Anssi (national information systems security agency), and he has made a pre-declaration to the CNIL and a complaint has been filed.

The President of the department held a press conference

During a press conference, the President of the Department, Bertrand Bellanger, accompanied by the Director General of Services; David Mercier, and the director of digital and work environments, Jean-Christophe Thorel, provided an update on the cyber attack suffered by the community. The services operate in degraded mode.

Public services are operating in a heavily degraded mode. The submission of APA and PCH files is only possible in paper format. But the departments concerned cannot, for the moment, instruct the new files. On the other hand, there is no impact on file management and support for RSA beneficiaries.

Social workers receive people in the 89 centers

The physical reception of people is possible in the 89 Medico-Social Centers where social workers honor their scheduled appointments. This will make it possible to continue the allocation of individual financial aid, in particular emergency aid, instructed by social workers, via a paper approach. For their part, the Maternal and Child Protection services are provided normally.

The municipal aid subsidy portal is unavailable

Regarding the Departmental House for Disabled Persons, the procedures being completely dematerialized, the filing and the instruction are blocked until further notice. It is also impossible to file individual files for all youth, sport, bioethanol and ZFE schemes for the moment. The municipal aid subsidy portal is unavailable.

The roads department and the environment department are able to pursue their missions, in particular the safety of users. The 8 Seine ferries operate normally like the 6 departmental sites and museums except that the ticket office cannot accept payment by credit card.

The digital space for college students is fully functioning

The digital workspace for middle school students is fully available. There is no impact on the computer operation of the colleges. In addition, the distribution of tablets to 6th graders continues.

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Computer attack in the Department of Seine Maritime (76)
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