Cantal. IT: cybersecurity at the heart of business concerns

Fabien Versange, elected member of the Cantal CCI and co-founder of SiteW, explains the risks and solutions when a VSE/SME is attacked. (©MB)

” The cyber risk is just as important today as the drought or climatic risk”

The issue is not whether a company will suffer a cyberattack, but when will she undergo it. 80% of companies that are victims of cyberattacks are victims of ransomware that will block machines (computers, production lines, etc.), encrypt data and demand a ransom. The entry points are simple: an email on which one of the employees will click, a service provider, a host, software, the cloud. Add to that a geopolitically unstable context, a globalization of data, and you will understand that Cantal companies can no longer feel protected.

Evidenced by the recent cyberattack suffered by Auvergne Fuels. Philippe Seryies told the chilling story during the general assembly of the CCI on Tuesday November 22, 2022: “When click on an email opens the door to pirates who demand a ransom, the anxiety is at its maximum, the stakes are multiple, for the company, but also for all its professional and even personal connections”.

Prevention tools put in place

Change your passwords regularly, make external backups daily routines, unplugging computers, updating software, and clearly distinguishing between administrators and users of a computer park. Finally, the “double check” of large transfers is also essential. Fabien Versangeelected to the CCI and co-founder of SiteW, explains that the establishment of a digital club is in the pipeline and that to date, the CCI offers workshops and training in Aurillac, Mauriac and Saint-Flour.

The other important point is to find out, on the CNIL website, about, without forgetting that in the event of a cyberattack, a complaint must be filed with the gendarmerie, which provides data (a trace) for insurers.

Our phone is the worst of our digital objects

Nestled in the pocket, the telephone is a tool as useful as it is dangerous. With it, you mix your professional and personal data. Connected to your computer, to your server, to your tablet, it will considerably increase the number of potential flaws, entry points for pirates.

For Fabien Versange, pirates are organized like a business, professional and specialized. Their sole purpose is mass attacks. “Opposite you have the development of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, untraceable. All these factors mean that today we have an explosion of cyberattacks and no one is immune”.

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Cantal. IT: cybersecurity at the heart of business concerns

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