Can you become a computer scientist without a degree?

While the needs in the digital professions have been growing for years, can one become a computer scientist without a diploma? We take stock for you of the paths to access jobs in the IT field with or without a diploma.

Working in IT without a diploma, is it possible? For what professions?

Even if the majority of recruitment of candidates in the IT professions is done from bac+2, there are still positions accessible for computer scientists without a degree.

Some self-taught can get jobs in after-sales service (after-sales service) or computer troubleshooting. When recruiting for a computer repairman position, you must demonstrate your ability to quickly solve a basic problem and your theoretical knowledge (professional vocabulary, process for resolving a malfunction, etc.). Often, a quick internal training is offered to new recruits to follow the company’s own methodology.

Similarly, there are still recruitment opportunities to become developer web or mobile for any autodidact who manages to launch a personal project on the internet: without training specific but with an online website or an app or a program that works.

Computer scientist without a diploma: how to become self-taught in computer science?

Work in IT without a degree doesn’t mean you don’t have the necessary skills. This involves self-study and personal projects to show an employer. The world of work and the IT sector are constantly changing, so you will need to stay curious and learn about the branches of IT that present job opportunities for you.

With unwavering perseverance, you can learn programming of a specific language with books or online course through learning platforms. Participating in open source Internet projects can also demonstrate your skills in coding on a specific project.

Do you know how to develop mobile applications? When recruiting, show the ones you created and put online. This can open up job opportunities for you.

If you like to repair computers, having volunteered in a computer equipment recycling association, for example, can also be valued by recruiting companies. To be a PC assembler, the absence of a diploma can therefore be forgotten.

How to become a computer scientist without a baccalaureate: schools that train in web jobs, programming, to learn to code…

With increasingly complex technologies, having a degree in computer science is essential in the majority of digital professions. To cope with the shortage of computer scientists and specialists, in particular web and mobile developers, schools recruiting without a baccalaureate degree have emerged. We can mention L’école 42, WebForce3, Samsung Campus, Simplon, Wild code school, le Wagon, la Web @cadémie, etc.

Any adult, whatever their course of training, can try to obtain a place there. For this, you will have to demonstrate your motivation and your computer skills during interviews and practice over several hours: they are similar to entrance examinations. Practicing the code intensively should not scare the participants!

Once in training, the pace of the course is sustained with the aim of being operational in a few months. The key: junior developer positions (web, mobile, back-end, front-end, full stack, etc.).

IT professions without the baccalaureate: Focus on the Grande École du Numérique label

The Grande École du Numérique (GEN) label is awarded to training courses leading to digital professions open to all, without academic, economic or social distinction. These certified training courses give women, people with little or no qualifications who are far from employment and residents of priority urban policy neighborhoods (QPV) the opportunity to start a career in digital technology.

Lasting an average of eight months, these training courses allow you to quickly acquire key skills thanks to a professional course. The training offer of these labeled schools has expanded beyond IT development, now offering training courses in cybersecurity, cloud, systems and networks, data architecture and development, etc.

74% of learners are hired by a company, create their own business or continue their studies following their training.

Becoming a computer scientist without a degree or higher education is still possible in rare cases. It is however strongly advised to bet on a bac+2 to bac+5 level training to have a wide range of skills and knowledge. You will thus be ready to embark on the IT career you like: web developer, data scientist, artificial intelligence engineer, cybersecurity expert, IT architect, IT project manager, etc.

Note: in the digital sector, salaries are particularly attractive for hyper-sharp positions, particularly around AI (artificial intelligence) or data, or for offers where the number of graduates does not cover the needs. in recruitment.

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Can you become a computer scientist without a degree?

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