Calvi: learning IT while creating social ties

For several years, thePublic digital space (EPN) of Calenzana offers computer courses for all ages in several towns in Balagne.

In this context, on the first and third Wednesday of each month, a workshop is offered at the media library of the Cardellu social center in Calvi. Courses that allow participants to familiarize themselves with computers and the Internet.

“This training aims to help people control the digital space, details the facilitator of these workshops, Clement Courtois.

Our goal is to make these people autonomous in front of a computer. Today, everything is changing very quickly and many administrative procedures are done online. It can be complicated for someone who does not master the computer tool to proceed with these steps. During the workshops, they learn the basics of computing, the use of word processors, internet browsing and social networks. We also see that IT has taken on an even greater role with the pandemic. Videoconferences have made it possible to maintain family and social ties and people are therefore more demanding to learn how to use these networks.

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To provide these courses, participants can benefit from equipment lent by the EPN of Calenzana, or bring their own computer.

“We have computers available, these are part of EPN mobile, adds Clément Courtois. Of course, people can come to training with their personal computer. So we can focus on their computer, their operating system. We adapt to all people and all materials.”

Intergenerational support

The courses provided by the Public Digital Space are open to all ages. The levels and expectations are different and the younger participants, more accustomed to computer techniques, can thus help the older ones.

“It’s very important for us to create this link between the generations during our workshops, explains the host. The youngest are immersed in digital technology, so they already have the keys to understanding IT and they come to bring their knowledge to the older ones. It also allows people to meet and exchange.

A work of mutual aid that bears fruit. Participants progress at their own pace and thanks to mutual aid.

“I have been attending these courses for two years, indicates a participant. Today, it is necessary to know these tools, whether for our personal administrative procedures or, as was the case during the pandemic, to be able to stay in touch with the family, via videoconference. Digital has become, today, a social vector. Thanks to these lessons, we can progress and, above all, in contact with the youngest who help us, we are making good progress.”

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Calvi: learning IT while creating social ties

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