Béziers: Leyla, Brian and Anis help seniors master computers

In civic service, young people are part of the Booster program run by Unis-Cité

True to its credo of strengthening social ties, the Unis-Cité association offers young people in civic service to help their elders master digital tools. Leyla, Bryan and Anis are all three volunteers within the Booster program, and meet seniors to assist them in their quest for electronic autonomy.

Reduce the intergenerational digital divide

Wishing to get out of a period of school or social dropout accentuated by the pandemic, they thus committed themselves after having discovered the association via various sources, whether it was the MLI, the MVA or even an advertisement on the internet, such as Brian: “I stayed at home for two years doing nothing. I ended up getting tired of living at night, I needed to restructure myself.”

Same for Anise: “I needed to feel useful, to be able to change my environment.” “When we are at school all the time, we only meet people of the same age, whereas there we meet different people from different generations”adds Leyla. “On Monday we all meet at the MVA, we take stock of the past week. It’s our moment for us”, details Anis.

And to add: “Tuesdays and Wednesdays we work in pairs, a major and a minor, and we go to work on various associative and institutional structures in Béziers. On Thursdays and Fridays, the minors are in training at the Jean-Mermoz high school. During this time, adults like us take part in the “Connected” program, which aims to reduce the intergenerational digital divide. Me, I work with my partner at the Albert-Camus neighborhood center, in La Devèze. There the workshops were held in previous years, the public was already made up.”

On appointment

It was very different for Bryan and Leyla who perform at the MJC, which is hosting the program for the first time this year. “When we arrived, there was no one there,” Bryan said. “We had to make flyers and distribute them in the neighborhood to spread the information”says Leyla.

“We take two individual appointments every Friday in the morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and two in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. We have adapted according to requests, to what people need most .” “On the other hand, there are red lightssays their supervisor, Sylvie Cassotti. They cannot replace an administrative assistant and cannot do paperwork in the banking and legal fields.”

“It is complementary with the services of the MJC, adds Julien Cabasso, childhood and family referent at the MJC. For these steps, we can take over because our stakeholders have the required internet mandate.”

“The work they did this year was the hardest, they brought people in and opened doors for the following years”concludes Sylvie Cassotti.

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Béziers: Leyla, Brian and Anis help seniors master computers

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