Bac: orientation and training in digital professions, instructions for use

VIDEO. The IT and digital professions are among the most promising by 2030. But too few candidates are moving towards training for these professions. On the occasion of the first NSI day, discover the teachings of specialties and the most useful sectors for digital training whatever your baccalaureate.

“The needs are colossal in the digital professions, 115,000 jobs should be created in the sector by 2030. And there is a shortage of 10,000 graduates each year in addition to those who are already being trained”observes Rémi Ferrand, General Delegate of Digital talents.

Promote the NSI specialty

This association fights for the attractiveness of digital professions and training. She co-hosted June 7, 2022 the first day NSI (digital and computer sciences) which aims to promote IT and digital professions and encourage more high school students to choose the NSI specialty.

Company visits, trade forums, testimonials, interventions in classes, demonstrations of tools… Many events all over France took place for middle school and high school students as well as teachers.

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In digital, generalist, specialist and expert professions

“The shortage is global and generalized for all jobs”, observes Rémi Ferrand. The specialized jobs of developer, programmer or coder are still just as buoyant. Tens of thousands of positions will need to be filled by 2030. But digital technology also needs generalists such as consultants and other project managers.

At the expert level (bac+5 minimum and often more), data specialists are worth gold. The data analyst or data scientist are particularly courted by companies. Other high expertise professions: experts in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT).

The essential mathematics specialty in general education

The math specialty remains essential if you wish to complete an academic course in a preparatory class, at the IUT, at the university or in a major engineering school”recommends Rémi Ferrand to high school students taking the general route.

And among the other scientific specialties you can associate with math digital specialty education and computer science (NSI) but also engineering science (SI) or physics-chemistry (PC).

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Technological path: the STI2D baccalaureate offers plenty of opportunities

For those who take the technological path, it is possible to move towards the STI2D techno baccalaureate which will allow you a quick professional integration after a BTS SIO (IT services to organizations) or a BTS SM (Systems maintenance) or even a GOAL.

QFour BUT specialties are recommended for working in digital and IT : IT GOAL, MMI GOAL (Multimedia and Internet professions), STID GOAL (Statistics and Business Intelligence) and Networks and Telecommunications GOAL.

Professional path: the Digital Systems baccalaureate leads to specialized BTS

For those who wish to prepare a professional baccalaureate, consider the SN pro baccalaureate (Digital Systems) which also allows you, with a good file, to join the BTS SIO and BTS SM.

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Bac: orientation and training in digital professions, instructions for use

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