AWS invests in space computing with SimSpace Weaver

Making simulations on the scale of a large metropolis… Such is the function of the new AWS service announced at Re:Invent and called SimSpace Weaver… Digital twins are gaining momentum.

AWS describes SimSpace Weaver as a fully managed computing service specifically designed to help customers build, operate and run large-scale space simulations.

By “space simulation”, we must not understand that in interstellar space and the regions beyond our atmosphere (space computing) but rather “spatialized computing” (spatial computing), in other words the virtualization of activities and interactions between machines, people, objects and the environments in which they operate. Simulations which can, it is easy to understand, turn out to be extremely complex.

Using AWS SimSpace Weaver, organizations will be able to deploy such simulations to model dynamic systems with multiple “data points”: typically modeling traffic patterns throughout a city, simulating crowd flow on a show venue, to optimize the layout of a factory or a vast warehouse, etc.
Once such a simulation has been modeled, the AWS service also makes it possible to visualize the scenes to analyze behaviors and study different scenarios, but also to carry out immersive training.

This service is designed to free simulation developers from the constraints related to the hardware generally used for such tasks (typically Workstations). Cloud Elasticity enables them to run simulations with more than a million entities interacting in real time and create more sophisticated environments, while reducing simulation deployment time and costs.

SimSpace Weaver lets you stay focused on building more simulation code and creating the content to build an expansive world and less time managing infrastructure “, says Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS. ” With SimSpace Weaver, you can run large-scale simulations without being constrained by your hardware or having to manage the underlying memory or network infrastructure… This means developers can spend more time building and understanding their simulations and less time to deploy and scale them. »

Beyond the time savings and the elasticity offered, such a service also facilitates viewing by third parties and the collaboration of various partners or stakeholders who can also view the simulations remotely but also interact on them.

Amazon offers several applications for this service: the simulation of a natural disaster to assess emergency processes, the impact of sporting events on road traffic, etc. Complex situations because they involve hundreds of thousands of moving parts and multiple interactions.

Plugins allow developers to access SimSpace Weaver spaces directly from their Unity or Unreal Engine 5 environment.

The cost of this service depends solely on the number of instances integrated by the developers to run their simulations and does not require an additional subscription.


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AWS invests in space computing with SimSpace Weaver

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