Acer, Asus… Up to -40% for IT days at Cdiscount

If your computer equipment is aging, or you are looking to invest in devices that are missing from your installation, The 7 Days of IT at Cdiscount present themselves as an opportunity to do very good business. The e-merchant offers attractive offers throughout its IT universe: computers are concerned, but also printers and screens. Here are the unmissable sections of this operation, which lasts only one week.

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The 7 Days of Computing, the best offers from Cdiscount

Laptop or desktop, the choice is yours

Laptops have been on the rise in recent years: suitable for a teleworking environment installed in a small space, designed to be transported everywhere and intended for multiple uses, they are also accessible from a financial point of view. Cdiscount offers a wide choice of Acer brand machines during its promotional operation. There are references that work on Windows 10 and Windows 11, but also with Chrome OS when it comes to Chromebook laptops.

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If you only use the computer at home and you have an office capable of accommodating a tower, then you can opt for a desktop PC. The Asus and Acer brands are in the spotlight in this product category, with a strong emphasis on gaming models. You can get a desktop PC with an RTX 30 graphics card for a reasonable price. If you’re more looking for a computer to work with, that’s not a problem: you can equip yourself with a tower for less than 350 euros. Finally, do not hesitate to take an interest in all-in-one PCs that hide a central unit within their screen.

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A screen to see things big

For your office PC, but also to expand the potential of your laptop at home, you can invest in one or more screens. Depending on how you use it, you can opt for a curved screen with gaming features, or a more traditional model with a good screen diagonal, for great comfort of use. Cdiscount cuts prices on Samsung and Acer references, which are safe bets on the PC monitor market. Do not forget to check that the model you are interested in is equipped with the connectors adapted to your computer.

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Need accessories for your PC?

The printer is a device that proves to be very useful on a daily basis: perhaps you are looking to save printing on paper, but sometimes it is a necessity! Cdiscount offers attractive discounts on multifunction models from the Epson brand. If you already have a classic printer, but you need a scanner, there are also discounted prices on the site.

Useful for storing a large amount of data to protect against theft and crashes of hard drives, the storage server is an investment that is often beneficial. Also called NAS, this device is very expensive to buy. This is why current promotions at Cdiscount can allow you to equip yourself with a Synology brand model at an affordable price.

Finally, Cdiscount’s good deals also include keyboards, mice, gaming headsets and even mouse pads. To sum up, the key to having top-notch computer equipment is on sale on the online sales site. This is the time to enjoy.

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Acer, Asus… Up to -40% for IT days at Cdiscount

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