100 professions of the future that recruit in IT, digital, data and cybersecurity

BUSINESSES OF THE FUTURE. We have identified around a hundred professions where employers are experiencing recruitment difficulties. Discover the professions that recruit in the IT, digital and data sectors. IT is particularly promising if you are looking for training or a job for the future.

IT, digital, data, cybersecurity, are sectors driven by innovation. They recruit strongly and do not know the crisis. IT is in constant need of resources. Among the professions of the future and which recruit in digital, IT and data: developer and project manager. Graduates of engineering schools will obtain prime positions in companies in these sectors, as will those from training provided in specialized schools, but also graduates of certain BTS specialties or BUT (formerly DUT).

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IT: the professions of web developer, AI engineer and project manager in high tension

Structural tensions in the recruitment of IT specialists existed before the health crisis and have since increased with the restart of economic activity. “The resumption of recruitment in IT functions, which represent a significant part of the volume of executive hiring, could further harden the situation”, observes Apec (Association for the employment of executives) which forecasts this year an increase in recruitment of computer scientists by 22%.

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According to the branch observatory, the IT developers (web/mobile, back, full stack, embedded) are the technical profiles most sought after by digital companies. Also highly sought after IT project managers. In terms of data analysis and security, the workstations software architectofsystem architect or security expert are also difficult to fill. Just as in the field of artificial intelligence, the positions ofAI engineer which require high levels of qualification to be filled.

Research and development: research manager, research engineer… professions of the future!

The functions of head of studies, engineering studiesdesign office manager are also in high demand by employers. As before the health crisis, recruitment tensions in the field of studies and research and development (R&D) remain.

“The low number of applications received remains the main obstacle facing companies”, remarks Apec in its latest forecasts for the 3rd quarter of 2021. “Thanks to the recovery, these difficulties should increase. For the 3rd quarter of 2021, nearly eight out of ten companies (76%) who plan to recruit a executives in this field think they have a hard time finding the skills they are looking for.”

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Data analyst, cybersecurity… the data professions are recruiting engineers and consultants

Our societies run on digital data. They are presented as the oil of the 21st century. Among executive-level positions, emerging professions are struggling to find takers: cybersecurity architect, cybersecurity consultant, artificial intelligence engineer, director of digital strategy (“chief data officer”). The posts of data scientists, data analyst and data engineer also remain difficult to fill.

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100 professions of the future that recruit in IT, digital, data and cybersecurity

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