Croquet OS, the first open operating system for the metaverse

Croquet OS the first open operating system for the metaverse

Croquet Corporation has announced the availability of Croquet OS. It is the first open metaverse operating system (OS). Croquet Bone is the only browser-based open operating system uniting the web and the metaverse. It loads instantly from any URL or QR code when entering a virtual world with web, mobile or AR/VR devices. Croquet Corporation … Read more

Meta Quest: Messenger and end-to-end encryption arrive

Meta Quest Messenger and end to end encryption arrive

Meta announced on May 16 the arrival of the update for its virtual reality (VR) headset Meta Quest. This adds many features ranging from individual protection of applications to end-to-end encryption of its Messenger messaging, through the introduction of secure payments. Meta improves the experience of its VR headset Among the novelties, the parent company … Read more

Sony is positioning itself to take full advantage of the arrival of the metaverse

Sony is positioning itself to take full advantage of the

During a strategy meeting organized by Sony on May 18 and revealed by Reuters, the CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, underlined the importance of the metaverse for the future of the brand. The Japanese firm wishes to develop its content offer to integrate them into virtual universes. Initially, Sony wants to open up to “cross-platform” functionalities so … Read more

The metaverse, an idea that would really be worth 3,000 billion dollars?

The development of the metaverse, this virtual universe compared by some to the Internet of tomorrow, would make it possible to add 3,000 billion dollars to the world’s GDP in ten years, according to a study published on Monday. But this work, funded by Facebook, has several questionable assumptions. A virtual world that could rain … Read more

L’armée américaine aussi s’intéresse au métavers

Larmee americaine aussi sinteresse au

2 L’armée américaine veut aussi son métavers. Un véritable univers alternatif se crée autour du monde militaire permettant d’organiser des événements à grande échelle. Mais les réalités augmentée et virtuelle ne séduisent pas tout le monde. De nombreuses entreprises s’intéressent aux applications possibles des nouvelles technologies apportées par la réalité mixte comme l’holoportation avec les … Read more

Online campus and virtual reality: the school of the future has arrived

These pedagogical novelties had been in the making for a long time; the health crisis has given them a big boost. Synchronous distance courses (the whole class connects at the same time) or asynchronous (each student connects according to their own pace and constraints) have become daily. Even back in person, a whole section of … Read more

Collaborative: how can virtual reality transform meetings?

How one can use virtual reality (VR) to share ideas and discuss strategies is currently one of the hottest topics in the collaborative. On the one hand, the image of a meeting with a group of employees wearing ridiculous headsets – from home or around the same table in the office – inspires rejection … Read more

The pitfalls of the team responsible for developing Apple’s augmented reality headset

The pitfalls of the team responsible for developing Apples augmented

Tim Cook may boast as soon as he can the marvels to come from augmented reality, we are still waiting to see what Apple has in its boxes. Admittedly, on the software side, things are progressing well with ARKit’s toolbox, but the devices are missing to make the most of it. The iPhone and iPad … Read more

A 120-inch screen in glasses: this Kickstarter project at more than 2.5 million euros

A 120 inch screen in glasses this Kickstarter project at more

News hardware A 120-inch screen in glasses: this Kickstarter project at more than 2.5 million euros Published on 05/17/2022 at 19:05 Almost all of us have been fed up with science fiction. Flying cars, space colonization, but also digital tools that are developing strongly. This is the crazy bet of the Viture company. After a … Read more

Meta Quest updates: app locking, encryption on Messenger, secure payments

Meta Quest updates app locking encryption on Messenger secure payments

Meta Quest benefits from a big update, with the program: improved application locking, secure payments, audio accessibility, new keyboards, but also encryption of Messenger conversations. End-to-end encryption on Messenger is available on Meta Quest // Source: Meta The interface of virtual reality headsets Meta Quest’s Meta benefits from a big update with several new features: … Read more