Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Healthcare Market Size, Trends And Forecasts By 2030 – Gabonflash provides a detailed assessment of the global market for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Healthcare with accurate estimates and forecasts, providing perfect survey solutions for strategic decision-making aimed at delivering the highest clarity in the industry. A new study which includes regional and worldwide business statistics and is predicted to be beneficial between … Read more

Tourism and metaverse: towards a generalization of virtual travel?

Tourism is a sector that evolves largely according to information and communication technologies, so it is quite relevant to question the way in which it could integrate this virtual universe. And it is since the announcement of the creation of the Meta group by Mark Zuckerberg that this term has spread massively in the world. … Read more

Metaverse: Not just “entertainment”, says Naoki Yoshida, the magician of Final Fantasy XIV

Metaverse Not just entertainment says Naoki Yoshida the magician of

Interviewed by Weekly Bunshun, Naoki Yoshida, producer of FFXIV, spoke extensively about the success of the MMORPG. An opportunity also for him to come back to the comments comparing the metaverse to Final Fantasy XIV. He specified that the two have nothing similar. Besides, the metaverse is not a form of entertainment in itself. To … Read more

US Army Metaverse: Construction underway?

US Army Metaverse Construction underway

By changing its name to Meta, Facebook started the race for the metaverse. Financial institutions and technology companies are sparing no effort to conquer virtual reality. Not wanting to miss the train, the Pentagon is working on the metaverse of the US Army. Earlier this month we talked about Spaceverse, a variation of the metaverse … Read more

Metavers: the French giant The Sandbox takes us on a tour of its “new world”

Crypto Elon Musk TikTok The underside of the big

Cocorico, The Sandbox, one of the biggest metaverses, if not the biggest with Decentraland, was founded by two French people! Admittedly, the Hong Kong company specializing in mobile games Animoca Brands is now the majority shareholder. But let’s not spoil our pleasure: the duo of founders Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget is still in charge, … Read more

Legislative in Rennes. Florian Bachelier, candidate for the presidential majority in the 8th

Early Macronist, elected MP in 2017, Florian Bachelier is seeking a second term, in the legislative elections, in the eighth constituency ofIlle-et-Vilainewhich brings together districts to the west of Rennes and the municipalities of the canton of Rheu (Chavagne, Cintré, L’Hermitage, Mordelles, Le Rheu, Vezin-le-Coquet, Saint-Gilles and Saint-Jacques-de-la- Moor). Who is he ? Lawyer, 43 … Read more

What are you going to do in the Metaverse this week?

What are you going to do in the Metaverse this

Decentraland hosts dozens of community-organized events happening every day like the 1st NFT Movie Festival in Cannes! Every day, interest in the metaverse and NFTs increases dramatically. More and more people are becoming aware of the potential presented by the projects blockchain, which serve as a link between the virtual and real worlds. Even though … Read more

Meeting de l’air de Cognac: aimed at aeronautics enthusiasts

Meeting de lair de Cognac aimed at aeronautics enthusiasts

Simulator and drone On the ground, a stone’s throw from the take-off runway, are exhibited collector and combat aircraft. A juggernaut stands out against the blue of the sky, it is the A400M. “Wah, it’s really huge…”, blow the children. Under the gaze of experienced pilots dressed in their flight suits, parents photograph their offspring … Read more

At Cannes, experts assess Europe’s potential as a world leader in virtual production

05/20/2022 – CANNES 2022: The benefits of virtual production and other new technologies will make life easier for directors, but they will also change some of the production work This article is available in English. On 19 May, the Marina Stage of the Film Market hosted the Canes Next panel “Europe as a Global Leader … Read more