Metaverse Stocks: 5 Companies Building the New Virtual World – BeinCrypto

Metaverse Stocks 5 Companies Building the New Virtual World

The metaverse is undoubtedly one of the most important technological innovations of our generation. Certainly, this emerging technology is still far from being adopted on a large scale. Yet investors are already on the lookout for investment opportunities in this interconnected and totally new digital landscape, says Rebecca Barnatt-Smith. The enormous amount of computing power … Read more

The future of cloud gaming will be without Stadia (Google)

The future of cloud gaming will be without Stadia Google

It’s been in the air for a while: Google has formalized the coffining of Stadia, its cloud gaming platform launched in 2019. But the company’s impact in this area should not be minimized. Could it be otherwise? Google Stadia, launched with great fanfare in November 2019, will never celebrate its fourth candle. The firm announced … Read more

Meta Quest 3 RUMOR: Appearance and Features Leaked, Let’s Take a Tour of the Owner

Meta Quest 3 RUMOR Appearance and Features Leaked Lets Take

After the latest announcements from PICO 4 (read our full article) recently, that we show you in pixel and plastic live on the channel GAMERGENtoday is the turn of next consumer headset from Meta to talk about him. Brad Lynch, YouTuber became famous thanks to his analyzes hardware and his VR leaks, tells us what … Read more

Arcade terminals, Nintendo Switch… A first festival for gamers, near Rouen

Arcade terminals Nintendo Switch A first festival for gamers near

Caudebec-les-Elbeuf has been hosting the city’s first completely free video game festival since Saturday. And it continues Sunday, October 2, 2022 for all virtual reality enthusiasts. Children, young people, families discover or rediscover the world of video games The media library near the Espace Bourvil has two arcade terminals The Bourvil space is the heart … Read more

Play with the Oculus Quest on PC and without cables? D-Link has the solution

Play with the Oculus Quest on PC and without cables

Since the arrival of the Oculus Quest in stores, the universe of virtual reality has evolved favorably towards a product that is less and less niche. Its ability to operate without the aid of a computer allows you to enjoy a completely cable-free virtual experience, however, the best apps and games still depend on the … Read more

A Canadian company presents the first thermal invisibility cloak

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

The “real” Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak will still have to wait. Invisibility has always been a popular concept in fiction, whether in fantastical works like Harry Potter with its famous cape or in productions supposed to be more down to earth, like the invisible Aston Martin of 007 in Die Another Day. There have been … Read more

Food in the metaverse: is it possible?

Food in the metaverse is it possible.webp

Food in the metaverse no longer seems like a utopian concept. Many restaurateurs have already entered this virtual world. The metaverse is always relevant wherever you go, especially since virtual reality dominates the digital universe. Half a century ago, people were skeptical about the idea of ​​the Internet and how it will revolutionize communication. Today, … Read more