To learn about sex, teenagers prefer the Internet to school

Find out about contraception, pleasure or intimacy: in the often absence of sufficient information sessions at school, although provided for by law, teenagers turn to the Internet and sometimes pornography to learn about sexuality. Since 2001, the law provides that “information and sex education is provided in schools, colleges and high schools for at least … Read more

iPhone 14: price, release date, design, features… everything you need to know before the announcement

iPhone 14 price release date design features… everything you need

Apple will present the iPhone 14 in less than 4 months and a lot of information is already circulating. Price, release date, design, technical sheet or even camera and number of models… we offer you a complete point before the official announcement. The announcement of a new iphone by Apple remains an event and it’s … Read more

This gigantic 200 GB mobile plan is the cheapest at the moment

This gigantic 200 GB mobile plan is the cheapest at

Do you need maximum 4G (or 5G) for your next vacation? Here is a mobile plan without commitment at a low price with 200 GB of data. It’s at Coriolis Télécom that it’s happening and it’s only 12.99 euros per month for one year. Coriolis Telecom has just relaunched its limited-time packages while lowering its … Read more

Ford opts for Ogury’s Personified Targeting technology to promote its Kuga Hybrid

To promote its Kuga Hybrid model, the car manufacturer Ford has set up, with the creative agency GTB and the media agency Mindshare (GroupM), a multi-lever digital campaign. Ford has partnered with Ogury to accurately identify its target audience and engage them with high-impact, visible ad formats, all without collecting personal data or intrusive tracking. … Read more

Why is Amber Heard causing so much hate on the internet?

Why is Amber Heard causing so much hate on the

The internet is obsessed with Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against Amber Heard. Internet users do not hesitate to criticize and harass the ex-wife of the American actor, but why? What is this wave of harassment due to? The libel lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard is highly publicized. Johnny Depp claims $50 … Read more

To detoxify from mobile, it is better to consume in moderation

To detoxify from mobile it is better to consume in

In Paris, in January 2019. THIBAULT CAMUS/AP A single glance around you is enough to see it. Smartphones have become our doubles, for information, communication, games, etc. Worldwide, more than 3.5 billion people own one, and their average time in front of this screen (more than 3 hours a day) has been steadily increasing. Even … Read more

Economy – Atypikoo, the dating site for neuroatypical people created in Limoges, will launch its mobile application

Unusual prom atmosphere at the Artsenal in Dreux

It will be three years in June that David Boudjenah created Atypikoo in Limoges, a dating site, a kind of social network at the crossroads of Meetic, OnVaSortir and LinkedIn, but for atypical people. These zebras, as they are called, can be high intellectual potential (HPI), high emotional potential (HPE) or hypersensitive. Already more than … Read more