Realme Narzo 50 in 4G or 5G version and realme Narzo 50A Prime attacking the entry level

The realme brand is developing its offer in the entry-level segment in order to offer smartphones as affordable as possible with the arrival of the Narzo 50 4G, Narzo 50 5G and Narzo 50A Prime models from 170 € and of which here are all the details. To occupy even more space in the market … Read more

BAC 2022: was the SES test politically oriented? On the internet, an anthology of reactions.

Thursday, May 12, high school students took their specialty exams for the 2022 baccalaureate. The subject of SES (economic and social sciences) sparked a deluge of criticism on social networks, on the grounds that these would be oriented towards liberalism. Was the test really biased? In recent days, reactions have rocketed. Photo: Shutterstock At the … Read more

Google denounces a company that exploited 5 secret flaws in Chrome and Android

Google denounces a company that exploited 5 secret flaws in

Google concluded that one and the same company was behind the exploitation of five hidden flaws in Chrome and Android, discovered in 2021. And the company decided to name it publicly. It is in a way the equivalent of “Name and shame”, but applied to digital. In a blog post published on May 19, Google … Read more

Consumption. Shopping for food on the Internet: a cure for inflation

If there is one place where inflation is felt, it is in supermarkets. This is why the government is preparing a food check for the most modest “from this summer”. While waiting for better days, consumers are tightening their belts. And some think they have found a solution to rising prices: e-commerce. According to a … Read more

“The Responder”, “Le Flambeau”, “Brigade mobile”: our choice of series

THE MORNING LIST In addition to the return of Marc/Jonathan Cohen as a reality TV candidate, this time in a parody of “Koh Lanta”, this week with little news gives the opportunity to catch up on the dark but very beautiful British series The Responder, and to laugh at the blunders of the two gendarmettes … Read more

Marché des soins de santé de l’Internet des objets (IoT) par perspectives régionales, dernière tendance, analyse des parts, croissance, application et prévisions jusqu’en 2029 –

Marche des soins de sante de lInternet des objets IoT

Il s’agit d’un rapport professionnel et détaillé axé sur les moteurs primaires et secondaires, la part de marché, les principaux segments et l’analyse géographique. Cette analyse fournit un examen des différents segments de marché sur lesquels on s’appuie pour observer le développement le plus rapide dans le cadre de prévision estimé. Le rapport englobe la … Read more

Why do iPhones and iPads always show the same time in ads? – Ouest-France evening edition – 05/23/2022

On each advertisement presenting Apple’s flagship products, the same time is always displayed: 9:41 a.m. A nod to Steve Jobs, the late founder and charismatic boss of the Apple brand. We explain why. All advertisements showing iPhones and iPads, the brand’s smartphones and tablets Appledisplay the same time: 9:41. geek, these people who are passionate … Read more

▷ 4 simple steps to generate leads on your website

4 simple steps to generate leads on your website

The lead generation (or leads), this is the #1 goal of most B2B marketers. You certainly have visitors on your website, but if you don’t know who they are, it’s impossible to start a conversation with them and therefore convert them into customers! To generate leads, your website is your main asset. While the majority … Read more

Today, Sosh is unveiling a brand new, limited-edition mobile plan

Today Sosh is unveiling a brand new limited edition mobile plan

Sosh replaces its old limited series non-binding offers with a single mobile plan. This is very interesting since it offers 90 GB of 4G data for only 13.99 euros per month. Faced with its competitors, Sosh must continue to be in the race for mobile plans. This time, the operator headed by Orange is not … Read more