Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google and Samsung

Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google

Google and Samsung have joined forces to develop a platform to pool the health data collected by your connected objects and your applications. The Google Fit app // Source: Frandroid With the Google I/Omany new features have arrived on Android, particularly in terms of connected health. Google and Samsung announce that they have created Health … Read more

3 reasons to choose a conditioned iPhone rather than a new one!

3 reasons to choose a conditioned iPhone rather than a

Article written in partnership with The reputation of the iPhone is well established. These smartphones known and desired by lovers of quality phones are generally sold at exorbitant prices. Quality has a price and this is the case with the iPhone. Note that there is, however, the possibility of obtaining a Refurbished iPhone at … Read more

PIP International, a visionary Canadian agricultural technology company, launches revolutionary technology

PIP International a visionary Canadian agricultural technology company launches revolutionary

Revolutionary “Ultimate Pea Protein” or “UP.P™” technology unlocks the potential of vegetable proteins LETHBRIDGE, Alta., May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PIP International (PIP), a Canadian processor of plant-based agricultural technology, today announced a game-changing plant-based protein technology breakthrough. Innovative technology has finally cracked the code on pea protein’s poor taste, color, texture and compromised performance, … Read more

This New Android Update Brings A Great Health Feature I’ve Always Wanted

In Google IoT 2022, the company’s big showcase for all its new technology and software programs, we haven’t heard anything about Health Connect. It’s not a complete surprise, we’ve never heard of it before, but despite its small-scale announcement, it could be a big first. android feature. Announced in relative secrecy in the Android Developer … Read more

The Match group, parent company of Tinder, takes Google to court

Match Group, the parent company of dating sites Tinder and OkCupid, filed a lawsuit on Monday against Googlewhich he accuses of abusing a dominant position on phones, the latest episode in the rebellion of application publishers against the tech giants. “Google dominates and almost completely controls the market for distributing applications on Android”, the mobile … Read more

iOS 15: many users refuse ad tracking according to Apple

⏰ Yesterday at 8:05 p.m. (Updated yesterday at 8:05 p.m.) Julian Russo 5 Since iOS 14.5, Apple has included a fantastic feature to ask apps not to track our activity. According to a recent document shared by Apple, this novelty dedicated to the protection of our privacy is very popular! Many of you systematically refuse … Read more

For a less polluting digital life

Including the production and use phases of all electronic technologies and devices, the global digital carbon footprint was estimated in 2021 at 1.84 gigatonnes of CO equivalent.2which is approximately 3.5% of global greenhouse gases (GHG), according to Les Shifters Montréal, a group dedicated to raising public awareness of the challenges of the energy transition. A … Read more

Google unveils Android 13 beta 2 and new functions for its mobile OS

Google unveils Android 13 beta 2 and new functions for

We know more about Android 13. At its I/O conference, Google presented a new beta of the next version of the most used OS in the world. Don’t expect an ergonomic or interface revolution: Android has already changed with version 12 and the arrival of Material You. Android 13, however, takes customization a step further, … Read more

Electronic Arts formalizes a mobile RPG The Lord of the Rings

Entitled Middle Earth Heroesthis free to play game promises turn-based battles, an immersive universe and the return of well-known faces. 2022 is a major year for any fan of the universe of Lord of the Rings. Next fall, many will discover the first season of the series produced by Amazon, Here are the first images. … Read more