On board the ISS, computing in space

On board the ISS computing in space

Just under a year after being installed on the International Space Station, HPE’s Spaceborne Computer-2 (SB-2) has already completed 24 research experiments, HPE reported this week. With the SB-2, HPE partners used artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect astronauts’ gloves for dangerous defects, and enabled 3D engravings in space. The AI ​​also analyzed satellite images of … Read more

The reasons for the great resignation of developers Computerworld

After the health crisis, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain qualified developers, but also to recruit them. A study conducted by Mulesoft in several countries including France shows the reasons behind the phenomenon of the great resignation. Will the world of IT employment go from a health crisis to a wage crisis. This … Read more

From the Wild West to Apple, a carriage return to the future for the typewriter

From the Wild West to Apple a carriage return to

It’s a little mechanical rattling that rocked the 20th century. That of typing on typewriter keyboards. From the American Wild West to the emancipation of women, through the two world wars or the birth of computing, the typewriter has been involved in all battles and all stories, big and small. She knows today some return … Read more

Computer engineer: exercise an IT profession in wage portage

In order to exercise his profession as he sees fit and to benefit from considerable social advantages, the computer engineer, the data scientist or the computer developer can opt for wage portage. This solution appeals to many independent professionals in search of freedom and security. Let’s do a check in. IT Engineer Eligibility for Porting … Read more

Drug Discovery Informatics Market Size, Future Analysis, Regional Outlook till 2028 Research Report | DBMR Updates – Androidfun.fr

Drug Discovery Informatics Market Size Future Analysis Regional Outlook till

This The report suggests that the industry is expected to witness higher growth over the forecast period owing to growing demand at the end-user level. This report is the best insight into the global industry perspective, comprehensive analysis, size, share, growth, segment, trends, and forecasts. The research study and research data covered in this report … Read more

New Research Uncovers Edge Computing Challenges and Highlights Strategies to Future-Proof Edge Capabilities

Responses from over 1,000 IT professionals and decision makers uncover deployment drivers, challenges and solutions for edge computing to maintain resiliency, connectivity and support digitally-enabled, connected operations that are secure, reliable, resilient and durable. Edge computing is a critical enabler of a transition to digitally-centric connected operations. Designing, planning, building and maintaining the technology capabilities … Read more

Emploi informatique 2021 : les SGBD les plus demands et les mieux pays, MySQL et SQL Server sont les plus demands cette anne, mais aussi les moins biens pays

Emploi informatique 2021 les langages de programmation les plus

Aprs une anne 2020 chaotique sous fond de pandmie, l’anne 2021 a t une anne de reprise gnrale. Le tltravail a t moins impos que pour l’anne prcdente, mais est entr dans les murs et devient du coup davantage un choix. En quoi ces changements conomiques et de mthodes de travail ont pu affecter les … Read more

The White House weighs in on quantum risks Computerworld

The Biden administration issued an executive order to ensure American leadership in quantum computing and a memorandum to mitigate security risks. Since at least the early 1990s, computer scientists warned that quantum computing, despite its potential to provide exponentially more powerful capabilities, can break traditional encryption methods and expose IT systems to prying eyes, particularly … Read more

AI in health, precision medicine and multiple sclerosis: interview with Stanislas Demuth, doctoral student in bioinformatics

Finalist of the Alsatian edition of “My thesis in 180 seconds”, Stanislas Demuth, doctoral student in bioinformatics (Inserm – University of Strasbourg) works on the theme of the application of computer technologies to the care of multiple sclerosis (MS ). We spoke with him about his project, about augmented intelligence and AI in health, precision … Read more

Lyons. Susan Kare, an IT icon at the Printing Museum

There was a time when computers were reserved for IT specialists, and for professional use. In 1982, two young students, Steve Jobs and Andy Herzfeld, had the intuition that this machine could have daily and domestic use, and fit into every home. A real stroke of technical and commercial genius, which required real adaptation. It … Read more