Cybersecurity: 6 months later, the terrible Log4Shell flaw still infects thousands of companies

What is the Pixel War unleashing the French Internet and

Like the Covid, which never seems to end, will the Log4Shell computer virus rot the lives of companies for a long time to come? Anyway, it’s a good start. Because six months after its appearance, the biggest computer flaw in history is still far from being resolved for thousands of companies around the world, which … Read more

Topdanmark dploie Guidewire pour rduire la complexit informatique et optimiser l’engagement client omnicanal | Zone bourse

Guidewire (NYSE : GWRE) a annoncé aujourd’hui que Topdanmark, deuxième plus grande compagnie d’assurance du Danemark, a implémenté Guidewire afin de réduire la complexité de son architecture informatique et se concentrer sur le développement d’une plateforme robuste avec des systèmes rationalisés. L’implémentation permettra à Topdanmark de s’engager plus efficacement avec les clients sur plusieurs canaux, … Read more

Topdanmark deploys Guidewire to reduce IT complexity and optimize omnichannel customer engagement

LONDON, June 27, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Guidewire (NYSE: GWRE) today announced that Topdanmark, Denmark’s second largest insurance company, has implemented Guidewire to reduce the complexity of its IT architecture and focus on developing a robust platform with streamlined systems. The implementation will allow Topdanmark to more effectively engage with customers across multiple channels, digitize its policy and … Read more

Automation is no longer the preserve of IT departments –

Automation is no longer the preserve of IT departments

According to Workato’s report, automation is the great equalizer for all departments, beyond just IT pros and developers. The 2nd edition of the annual Work Automation Index report from the Workato automation platform highlights that the role of IT is no longer limited to carrying out projects. Results, the RPA market should not know the … Read more

Post-baccalaureate and non-Parcoursup computer studies are possible with IPSSI

Did you know that it was possible to apply to certain schools, outside of Parcoursup? IPSSI, a major computer science school, is one of these: you can take tests during your final year to join, once your baccalaureate is in your pocket, the training that attracts you! Sad reality: Parcoursup sometimes makes people disappointed. But … Read more

Innovation – The first data center, IT host in Saône-et-Loire, located in Le Creusot – L’infoRmateur de Bourgogne

Innovation The first data center IT host in Saone et Loire

David Marti, president of the Creusot Montceau urban community, has a smile, the one that corresponds to the announcement of good news. At his side, Benjamin Ledoux displays the same satisfaction. By the end of 2022, the Rubix data center will be in operation, the first in Saône-et-Loire. A data center or data center is … Read more

Logtex: “Our main added value is IT” – Transportissimo

Logtex Our main added value is IT Transportissimo

François-Xavier Lousson, President of Logtex, a logistics provider based in Saint Chamond (42), specializing in e-commerce and retail, details the exchanges of information from the systems of its shipper customers to the final recipient. At the heart of the flows, it uses the XMS – TMS loader solution from KLS. TRM the Guide: You offer … Read more

BUT STID (statistics and business intelligence) (ex-DUT STID)

The BUT STID (statistics and business intelligence) trains technicians capable of assisting in decision-making through data management activities, statistical analysis and programming, but also restitution. What are the expected Parcoursup to integrate the statistical GOAL and business intelligence, what are the main lines of the program, the courses offered, the accessible professions and the pursuit … Read more

Le marché de l’informatique en mémoire 2022 connaîtra une forte croissance, notamment les acteurs clés Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Saffron Tech Pvt Ltd, –

Le marche de linformatique en memoire 2022 connaitra une forte

Il s’agit du meilleur rapport d’étude de marché qui est le résultat d’une équipe compétente et de ses capacités potentielles. Le rapport est préparé avec la collecte et l’analyse systématiques d’informations sur des individus ou des organisations qui sont menées par le biais de recherches sociales et d’opinion. Il met en évidence les demandes du … Read more

Quimperlé – In Quimperlé, the computer science student is developing an application for associations

Erlé Duval, 19, is preparing to validate his DUT at the IUT Informatique in Lannion after having designed an application for associations during his end-of-study internship at Octets Libres in Quimperlé. Va bene, the name of the application, is neither a French-Italian simultaneous translator nor a digital tourist guide to transalpine treasures. It is quite … Read more