FACT OF THE EVENING These computer surgeons want to heal the digital divide – Objectif Gard

FACT OF THE EVENING These computer surgeons want to heal

Four months after the takeover of the VM Center company and its installation in Beaucaire, Romain Blucher and Benjamin Pinaton launched “Recyclordi”. To carry out this solidarity initiative, the two young men are looking for partners. The community of communes Beaucaire Terre d’Argence is already there. Fresh out of Greta du Gard, his senior systems … Read more

Acer, Asus… Up to -40% for IT days at Cdiscount

If your computer equipment is aging, or you are looking to invest in devices that are missing from your installation, The 7 Days of IT at Cdiscount present themselves as an opportunity to do very good business. The e-merchant offers attractive offers throughout its IT universe: computers are concerned, but also printers and screens. Here … Read more

Edge computing: the backbone of future smart cities

Edge computing the backbone of future smart cities

As the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2022 has just ended, the world is heading towards a technological future where edge computing will play a key role in shaping future smart cities. In this era where human innovation is at its height, thedigital evolution, she takes a new turn. Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its … Read more

In Mariupol, the computer museum destroyed by a shell

Bombs dropped by Russian forces further destroyed the 8-Bit Club and the 500 Soviet-era computing devices, collected by its director for some fifteen years. Among them, several Apple IIcs, ZX Spectrums and an Atari 400. A piece of computer history has gone up in smoke. The 8-bit Club, a museum dedicated to early computers and … Read more

IT integration put to the test of new uses

Founded in 2002, Exaprobe is a player in IT integration. She joined the Econocom group in 2013. Faced with a hybrid work environment that is becoming permanent, Jean-Pierre Chamillard, CEO of Exaprobe, explains the challenges of his sector. What services does Exaprobe offer? We buy computer equipment, intended for manufacturers and computer publishers. At the … Read more

“She appeared as a character”: discover Marion Créhange, long-forgotten French computer pioneer

She appeared as a character discover Marion Crehange long forgotten French

Marion Créhange is the first person to have written a thesis in computer science, in France, in 1961. We have plunged into her biographical journey, with the support of testimonies, to draw you the portrait of a pioneering woman, who died in March 2022. When Natacha Portier, professor of computer science at ENS Lyon, discovered … Read more

Subject of the 2022 baccalaureate, NSI specialty: the Digital and computer science test is for today

Subject of the 2022 baccalaureate NSI specialty the Digital and

NSI PROOF. The 2022 baccalaureate begins this Wednesday, May 11 and among the specialty tests passed during this first day of tests include Digital and Computer Science (NSI). What subject can the candidates be confronted with? Summary [Mis à jour l 11 mai 2022 à 10h46] The baccalaureate specialty exams 2022 begins this Wednesday, May … Read more

On board the ISS, computing in space

On board the ISS computing in space

Just under a year after being installed on the International Space Station, HPE’s Spaceborne Computer-2 (SB-2) has already completed 24 research experiments, HPE reported this week. With the SB-2, HPE partners used artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect astronauts’ gloves for dangerous defects, and enabled 3D engravings in space. The AI ​​also analyzed satellite images of … Read more

The reasons for the great resignation of developers Computerworld

After the health crisis, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain qualified developers, but also to recruit them. A study conducted by Mulesoft in several countries including France shows the reasons behind the phenomenon of the great resignation. Will the world of IT employment go from a health crisis to a wage crisis. This … Read more