Interview | Impact of quantum computing on bitcoin and cryptos

Interview Impact of quantum computing on bitcoin and cryptos

What would be the impact of quantum computing on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Quantum computing is a breakthrough technology that will bring tremendous computing power to existing systems in many fields, opening up new avenues to create world-changing technologies with their speed and capacity. Its innovative use in the financial services industry is of particular interest … Read more

IT: Apax Partners takes control of Marseille-based Mailinblack

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Posted Oct 3, 2022 9:11 AM Already the French leader in antispam with its captcha authenticating the author by question-answer, the Marseille software publisher Mailinblack is going to tackle the overall security of professional messaging. “Nearly 90% of cyberattacks go through email. Our ambition is to create a real digital bodyguard for employees by diversifying … Read more

Elven – Faced with hackers, the unequal fight of small municipalities

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

At the end of July 2021, it was the cook who sounded the alarm at Elven. The municipal agent, who hires earlier to simmer good meals, has just discovered a hell of a tile. This small town in Morbihan is the victim of a computer attack, more precisely a ransomware attack, this malicious software that … Read more

Toulouse – Ceicom, emblematic creator of IT solutions celebrates its 50th anniversary

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

In 2021, Ceicom celebrated its 50th candle. The company, founded in September 1971, in Toulouse, by 4 enthusiasts, was born from an idea: to develop IT for trading and distribution companies. Transferred to a Scop (Cooperative and Participatory Company) in 2011, this status has enabled the company’s employees to become majority shareholders. Today, its 54 … Read more

Towards tensions in the market for IT executives?

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Apec (Association for the employment of executives) has published at the end of April its barometer for the 2nd quarter of 2022 on the employment of executives. The latter highlights strong employment dynamics despite two years of major crises. The tension on the job market for executives has even intensified: thus, 69% of companies … Read more

Global Cloud Manufacturing Market Growth Will Be Driven By Advances In Cloud Computing, Use Of Internet Of Things (IoT), And Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), With A CAGR Of D 16% Between 2022 And 2031. – Tech Tribune France

Global Cloud Manufacturing Market Growth Will Be Driven By Advances

– Advertising – Kenneth Research has published a report titled “Cloud-Manufacturing Market: Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2031” which provides an in-depth overview of the global cloud-manufacturing market in terms of market segmentation by type, component, application, and by region. In addition, for the in-depth analysis, the report encompasses industry growth indicators, restraints, supply … Read more

Second Theatrical Computer Days (Lyon)

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Since their creation in February 2020, the Journées d’Informatique Théâtrale have brought together researchers, artists and computer scientists from the French-speaking theatrical scene claiming a theatrical practice using computers as a means of expression and/or a tool of composition. . Aiming at the emergence of a field of activity, that of “theatrical computing”, based on … Read more

Solène Mirliaz, female counter-example in the gendered world of computing

iPhone 14 VR headset AirPods Pro 2 Apples busy program

At only 26 years old, Solène Mirliaz has just arrived first ex aequo of the French computer science aggregation. Despite her success, the now teacher is rather pessimistic about the future development of a sector still marked by the under-representation of women. Moving requires, Solène Mirliaz picks up, on a videoconference application, a big headset … Read more

Dompter l’incertitude: Google à la conquête de l’informatique quantique

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Dehors, un doux soleil d’été réchauffe la côte Pacifique; la Californie se prépare à vivre une nouvelle journée radieuse. Dedans, il fait -273 degrés par endroits, pour satisfaire les impossibles exigences de la mécanique quantique. Une science où les choses peuvent simultanément exister, ne pas exister et être quelque part entre les deux. Bienvenue dans … Read more

When quantum computing threatens the Bitcoin (BTC) network

When quantum computing threatens the Bitcoin BTC network

For a very long time, quantum computing has been presented as a threat to the evolution of cryptocurrencies, in particular for bitcoin (BTC). But is this really the case? To answer this question, let’s dive deep into quantum computing and see how it might relate to Bitcoin. The danger of quantum computing The main strength … Read more