SecPod prsente la Gestion continue des anomalies de posture (CPAM) SanerNow , une nouvelle invention rvolutionnaire pour la gestion de la surface d’attaque informatique

Class dans : Science et technologieSujet : Nouveaux produits et services Ce produit, qui redfinit le secteur et repose sur une technologie d’apprentissage automatique de pointe, permet aux organisations de lutter contre les cyberattaques, renforant ainsi la mission de SecPod consistant prvenir les cyberattaques. REDWOODCITY, Californie et BENGALURU, Inde, 2 fvrier 2023 /PRNewswire/ –SecPodTechnologies, un … Read more

IT: 5 professions that are recruiting on a work-study basis in 2023

IT 5 professions that are recruiting on a work study basis

Computer science is one of the most strained sectors of activity on the job market today, with more positions in demand than candidates to fill them. Many advantages are offered to you: varied missions, a constantly changing environment, attractive salaries and companies that recruit in these professions. To meet their needs, technical skills are required, … Read more

Leave Financial obligation in 2023 along with the greatest Charge Card Unification Financings!

Get Out of Debt in 2023 with the Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans! Seeking the most effective charge card debt consolidation car loans of 2023? Look no more! Bank card debt consolidation car loans are actually private car loans made use of to spend numerous charge card remainders as well as streamline financial debt right … Read more

Cybertrust Japan Integrates Quantum Computing-Enhanced Private Keys from Quantinuum into New IoT Authentication Platform

Cybertrust Japan Integrates Quantum Computing Enhanced Private Keys from Quantinuum into

Japan’s First Commercial Certificate Authority Integrates Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin Solution to Strengthen IoT Device Security Protections Against Current and Future Threats CAMBRIDGEEngland, and BROOMFIELD, Colorado, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantinumthe world’s first embedded quantum computing company, today announced that Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., Japan’s first certificate authority, has integrated its Quantum Origin quantum computing-enhanced … Read more

DevOps training: What are the opportunities?

DevOps training What are the opportunities

DevOps: highly sought-after skills The DevOps training is increasingly popular in the IT industry, as it allows professionals to develop their skills in deploying, maintaining and monitoring IT systems. The opportunities for professionals trained in DevOps are many and varied, ranging from developer positions to those of project manager through systems engineer or consultant positions. … Read more

Experts in IT service providers in French-speaking Africa – An international presence

Experts in IT service providers in French speaking Africa An

Faced with the wave of digitalization, Francophone Africa faces challenges as modern technologies collide with their traditions. One wonders what the future holds for computing and telecommunications on the African continent. In this article, we will explore how different sectors can take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology in order to contribute to the … Read more

Development and IT consulting, recruitment under high pressure – Computerworld

1674935767 Development and IT consulting recruitment under high pressure Computerworld

In a barometer entitled Kyu, the publisher Komte supplemented the results of Dares and Ple emploi on recruitment in the fields of programming and IT consulting. The first trend that emerges is the level of tension in these professions two and a half times higher than the French average. Dares and Pôle emploi have developed … Read more

Emmanuel Carli: “IT schools are not threatened by ChatGPT”

Emmanuel Carli IT schools are not threatened by ChatGPT

Computer science and coding schools are forced to adapt to this artificial intelligence, at the risk of being downgraded, believes the former CEO of Epitech. Since its launch by OpenAI last November, ChatGPT shakes up the methods teachers and student learning. Because this chatbot can do (almost) everything: summarize Madame Bovary in a few seconds, … Read more

Lauragais: they are opening courses to make IT accessible to everyone in Saint-Julia

Lauragais they are opening courses to make IT accessible to

Through Angelique Passebosc Published on 26 Jan 23 at 11:34 updated on 26 Jan 23 at 11:34 Voice of the South Lauragais See my news Follow this media Jean-Marc Le Dantec and Jérôme Denonain will host the Saint-Julia Computer Café every first Saturday of the month. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais) Playtime … Read more

Microsoft quarterly: Cloud health not offsetting downturn in personal computing

Microsoft quarterly Cloud health not offsetting downturn in personal computing

Microsoft said it expects its third-quarter cloud gross margin to decline by one percentage point. Photo credit: Coolcaesar/Wikipedia The Intelligent Cloud branch of Microsoft gained 18% in turnover between October and December last. This is too little to fully offset the sharp decline in More Personal Computing activity, which limited only 2% to the growth … Read more