How with AI Google continues to improve human-computer interactions – L’Éclaireur Fnac

How with AI Google continues to improve human computer interactions

On the occasion of its Google I/O, the American group lifted the veil on multiple advances in artificial intelligence distilled within its flagship applications. During its high mass held on May 11 and 12, the Mountain View firm presented its Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro. The giant also took advantage of the event to … Read more

DeepMind: a new AI capable of performing more than 600 tasks

1652705930 DeepMind a new AI capable of performing more than 600

One of the great challenges in the field of AI is the realization of a system integrating an artificial general intelligence, or AGI. Such a system must be able to understand and master any task of which a human being would be capable. However, this week, the DeepMind research laboratory has just announced the release … Read more

SNCF uses AI to improve automatic passenger counting on its trains

⏰ 10 mins ago Alexandre Godard React SNCF intends to use artificial intelligence to simplify its method of counting passengers and thus make the travel experience more pleasant for consumers. A formidable challenge at a time when the trains are increasingly crowded. Artificial intelligence: the great challenge for the SNCF for the years … Read more

Le transhumanisme comme nouveau mouvement social

Le transhumanisme comme nouveau mouvement social

Le livre « Transhumanism as a New Social Movement: The Techno-Centred Imagination« , explore le plaidoyer pour l’amélioration technologique de l’être humain (Technological Human Enhancement Advocacy – THEA) par le biais d’une observation participante d’inspiration ethnographique sur un éventail de sites. James Michael MacFarlane soutient qu’un tel plaidoyer se caractérise par le  » technocentrisme « , une croyance … Read more

Mice without microbes rely on an entirely different set of genes to digest fat – Genetics News

Microbes that help break down food actually tell the gut how to do its job better, according to a new mouse study at Duke. The researchers said it appears that the microbes are able to influence which gut genes are turned on, and in turn this interaction could lead to remodeling of the epithelial cells … Read more

Africa economy – Kenya, land of plenty for Google in Africa

Published on : 05/16/2022 – 00:38 Google announced on April 19 that it has chosen Nairobi to set up its first product development center on the continent. Already last October, the information giant announced a $1 billion investment plan to finance digital projects in Africa over the next five years. Google also already has a … Read more

Exploration of the civil-military divide on intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to be a key capability for the US military to maintain military dominance. The United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) engagement with large private-sector high-tech companies, for which the military represents a relatively small percentage of their customer base, provides a valuable means of accessing cutting-edge AI capabilities and AI software … Read more

Accessibility on social networks, a real challenge

The platforms have developed various tools to be usable by everyone, including the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing. It is clear that they still have a long way to go in this area. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat… social networks have billions of users, but the use of these platforms is not … Read more