Microsoft invests several billion more dollars in the creator of ChatGPT

Microsoft invests several billion more dollars in the creator of

Through Chloe Woitier Published 4 hours ago, Update 4 hours ago Microsoft had already invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, and another $2 billion in 2021. SAUL LOEB / AFP The tech group is strengthening its partnership with OpenAI, whose artificial intelligence tools will integrate Microsoft products. Microsoft believes in OpenAI more than ever. … Read more

Israel: when coding becomes an activity like any other for the little ones – I24NEWS

1674416801 Israel when coding becomes an activity like any other for

No computer programming, coding, are not only reserved for geeks or thirtysomethings! From now on, children can learn about different computer languages ​​and even learn to develop video games, from an early age. “We have opened courses for children from 6 years old, you just need to know how to read”, explains Laura, co-founder of … Read more

ChatGPT’s AI was asked five reasons to live (or not) in Rouen

ChatGPTs AI was asked five reasons to live or not

Through Julien Bottler Published on 21 Jan 23 at 19:04 76news See my news Follow this media We tested the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT by asking him the reasons to live or not in Rouen. (©JB/76actu/Illustration) We talk a lot about ChatGPT the last days. These tools developed by Open AI allow interact with an … Read more

Country of Montbeliard. The Agglo (already) puts artificial intelligence in… the trash can

1674243849 Country of Montbeliard The Agglo already puts artificial intelligence in…

“Digital without use behind it is not very useful. Stéphane Thockler, director of computer systems at PMA, recalls this axiom. It is therefore with the fierce desire to be efficient and relevant that the competent services of the Agglo have cogitated to develop a strategy on the subject. After the optical fiber deployment phase, in … Read more

How Flowlity makes inventory management easier for manufacturers

How Flowlity makes inventory management easier for manufacturers

2000 billion euros in the world per year. The estimated cost of stockouts and overstocks has not decreased despite the many tools available. “This figure is based both on lost sales on the one hand, and on the obsolescence of a stored product or unnecessarily retained capital on the other.explains Jean-Baptiste Clouard, co-founder of Flowlity. … Read more

The Champs-Elysées, “the most beautiful avenue in the world”? ChatGPT artificial intelligence responds

1673912468 The Champs Elysees the most beautiful avenue in the world ChatGPT

Does the Parisian avenue really deserve its nickname? We put the question to ChatGPT, a conversational tool based on artificial intelligence capable of generating text on demand. Are the Champs-Elysées really the most beautiful avenue in the world, or are we just a bit chauvinistic? To decide, we asked the virtual assistant ChatGPT. Launched in … Read more

L’IA, futur recruteur pour trouver les candidats idéaux – Le Monde Informatique

LIA futur recruteur pour trouver les candidats ideaux Le

Alors que les entreprises se dmnent pour pourvoir les postes un moment o les talents sont difficiles trouver, beaucoup se tournent vers l’intelligence artificielle pour dnicher, interviewer et faire correspondre les candidats aux comptences recherches. Après une récente vague de licenciements très médiatisée et la reconnaissance du fait que de nombreuses entreprises se sont empressées d’embaucher pour … Read more

J’ai testé l’Intelligence artificielle ChatGPT pour l’immobilier, je suis bluffé et vous allez l’être aussi !

1673857013 Jai teste lIntelligence artificielle ChatGPT pour limmobilier je suis bluffe

Je viens de tester une intelligence artificielle pour rédiger des contenus et je suis bluffé. Cet outil incroyable a su générer des textes à la fois pertinents et originaux, en un temps record. En tant que journaliste, je suis impressionné par les possibilités que cette technologie offre pour la rédaction de contenus. Mais je ne … Read more

What specific right dedicated to artificial intelligence?

1673848061 What specific right dedicated to artificial intelligence

By Abdullah Alqalawi There are several phenomena that make it difficult to distinguish legal boundaries with respect to artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing involvement in different fields, including robotics. If we compare, from a temporal point of view, the speed at which AI is developing and its very rapidly changing economic interest, with the … Read more

Perpignan/ Technological innovations: back from CES, Laurent Gauze…

Perpignan Technological innovations back from CES Laurent Gauze

Laurent Gauze amazed by the robotization of increasingly fast and increasingly autonomous objects. From January 5 to 8, Laurent Gauzepresident of the PO Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI66) and 2nd vice-president of the Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole Urban Community (PMM) in charge of the Economy, took part with a delegation of business leaders from Roussillon … Read more