Glasses to translate everything instantly

Glasses to translate everything instantly

About ten years ago Google had already offered connected glasses, they were to revolutionize the world… But they had not found takers mainly because of a sale price considered too high. Now that connected objects have become more democratic with the drop in price of their technology, Google wants to launch glasses to translate everything … Read more

Stop clashing with Carrefour’s VR metaverse, it doesn’t exist

Stop clashing with Carrefours VR metaverse it doesnt

A tweet published by Alexandre Bompard, the CEO of Carrefour, is the subject of much criticism. He presents “the first job interviews in the metaverse”, which amuses or provokes the annoyance of many people. But the Carrefour video, which is clearly a publicity stunt, is far from representing the future: it’s not really about virtual … Read more

Métavers : un défi aussi pour les PME – Forbes France

Si vous n’avez jamais entendu parler du métavers, c’est que vous vivez sur une autre planète ou que vous étiez en vacances ces derniers mois sur une île déserte. Fin octobre, en annonçant la transformation de Facebook en Meta, Mark Zuckerberg a mis la lumière cet univers virtuel, déjà bien connu des spécialistes. Depuis, tout … Read more

Apple Mixed Reality: why the project has been skating since 2015 – CNET France

Apple Mixed Reality why the project has been skating since

While Apple would see augmented reality glasses replace iPhones within 10 yearsthe mixed reality headset project seems to be experiencing rather slow developments. In the first of a series of two forthcoming articles, The Information had the opportunity to talk to 10 people close to the project (most of whom worked in the team) in … Read more

Metaverse: the five favorite strategies of brands to make their place in the virtual world

The digital universe is not a new concept, and while the fashion industry quickly took an interest in it, the presence of sector players in the digital world has grown at breakneck speed in recent years. . In summary, 2022 will have been the year of digital integration and activations in the metaverse. A new … Read more

Croquet OS, the first open operating system for the metaverse

Croquet OS the first open operating system for the metaverse

Croquet Corporation has announced the availability of Croquet OS. It is the first open metaverse operating system (OS). Croquet Bone is the only browser-based open operating system uniting the web and the metaverse. It loads instantly from any URL or QR code when entering a virtual world with web, mobile or AR/VR devices. Croquet Corporation … Read more

Meta Quest: Messenger and end-to-end encryption arrive

Meta Quest Messenger and end to end encryption arrive

Meta announced on May 16 the arrival of the update for its virtual reality (VR) headset Meta Quest. This adds many features ranging from individual protection of applications to end-to-end encryption of its Messenger messaging, through the introduction of secure payments. Meta improves the experience of its VR headset Among the novelties, the parent company … Read more

Sony is positioning itself to take full advantage of the arrival of the metaverse

Sony is positioning itself to take full advantage of the

During a strategy meeting organized by Sony on May 18 and revealed by Reuters, the CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, underlined the importance of the metaverse for the future of the brand. The Japanese firm wishes to develop its content offer to integrate them into virtual universes. Initially, Sony wants to open up to “cross-platform” functionalities so … Read more

The metaverse, an idea that would really be worth 3,000 billion dollars?

The development of the metaverse, this virtual universe compared by some to the Internet of tomorrow, would make it possible to add 3,000 billion dollars to the world’s GDP in ten years, according to a study published on Monday. But this work, funded by Facebook, has several questionable assumptions. A virtual world that could rain … Read more