AltspaceVR: The essentials to know about the social virtual reality platform

AltspaceVR The essentials to know about the social virtual reality

AltspaceVR is a virtual 3D world combining networked avatars, 3D spatial sound and an integrated web browser. It provides immersive collaboration in virtual reality or on a standard desktop computer. The games are among the most popular entertainment in terms of VR. But if you want to experience something new, more social, or just hang … Read more

Terragame, the hyper-virtual reality center in Corbeil-Essonnes

Terragame the hyper virtual reality center in Corbeil Essonnes

By Laurent P. Photos by Laurent P. Posted May 23, 2022, 6:01 PM Virtual reality enthusiasts meet at Terragame, a new kind of VR center in Corbeil-Essonnes. His particuliarity ? To offer you two hyper-virtual reality adventures, Le Manoir des Damnés and La Route des Damnés. The opportunity to scare each other with friends and … Read more all about the NFT platform dedicated to Street-Artists

Streetlabio all about the NFT platform dedicated to Street Artists

After 3D modeling, painting, generative art and photography, Street-Art is the great artistic movement of the moment revolutionized by NFTs. Cryptos and NFTs are currently experiencing a slowdown, but despite this, some projects deserve special attention, including This is the new decentralized platform dedicated to #StreetArtNFT. This platform specializes in the drops of NFTs … Read more

Jean-Michel Jarre visiting the Idem near Perpignan: “We have tended too much in France to separate culture from technology”

A pioneer of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre was on Monday May 23 at the Soler School of Creative and Digital Professions to talk about music, virtual reality and metaverse. Meeting with the planetary star with more than 85 million records sold. You have come to inaugurate the new ultra-modern studios of the Idem. Does the … Read more

Avec son nouveau Creative Studio Toulouse, Airbus peut enfin montrer tous les atouts de la vaste cabine de l’ACJ TwoTwenty

Avec son nouveau Creative Studio a Toulouse Airbus peut enfin

Reportage IL Y A 2 HEURES | Romain Guillot Blagnac et Genve | 1666 mots Photo Airbus C’est incontestablement l’argument massue du dernier membre de la famille ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet) face aux gros jets d’affaires fuselage large. La vaste cabine de l’ACJ TwoTwenty, variante VVIP de l’Airbus A220-100, en fait un avion qui peut … Read more

Jean-Louis Comolli, cinema against the digital “desert”

As an epigraph to his latest book haunted by the reason for the disappearance, Play the game ?, released – fatal coincidence – on the very day of his death at the age of 80, on May 19, Jean-Louis Comolli quoted a sentence from Jeans Baudrillard : “Behind virtual reality in all its forms (telematics, … Read more

Meta will limit its investments in virtual and augmented reality

The financial results for the first quarter of 2022 have fallen. For Meta, they caused a (slight) change of course, with a drop in investment in virtual and augmented reality, which weighed down the group’s accounts. Also attacked on its business model (online advertising), Mark Zuckerberg’s group is more than ever at a crossroads. But … Read more

Metaverse for children: How does it impact their universe?

Metaverse for children How does it impact their universe.webp

After the metaverse for all comes the metaverse for children which does not lack advantages as well as disadvantages. Some companies are starting to position themselves as providers of the best virtual realities for children. Certainly, their initiatives are commendable, but we are not unaware that this universe also has its share of dangers. Raising … Read more