Solaris: From the support network to the human internet

“Language is a treasure deposited by the practice of speech in subjects belonging to the same community. » Ferdinand de Saussure The limits of the Internet The Internet is a great vehicle for connecting people; social networks are among its most notable features. In one click it is possible to be in contact with people … Read more

Google at school: “the educational potential of Internet tools is immense”

France must open up its education system to the realities of the digital world, an approach likely to make a lasting and positive change in the daily lives of teachers and students, in high school in particular. It is not only a question of guiding them towards the proper use of the Internet and digital … Read more

L’école du futur décrite par un pionnier de l’Internet

Lecole du futur decrite par un pionnier de lInternet

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 48:37 — 66.9MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Android | Blubrry | Email | À quoi ressemblera l’école du futur ? Pour le savoir, j’ai posé la question à mon ami Philippe Dewost, directeur général de l’Epita, qui vient de publier De mémoire … Read more

Should you cut off your internet box to really reduce your energy costs?

Should you cut off your internet box to really reduce

We have calculated the average consumption of internet boxes and what it costs us per year to answer a very simple question: does an internet box consume as much as a small fridge? We also took the opportunity to ask ourselves the question of the relevance of such an individual action. Livebox 5 // Source: … Read more

Follow 100,000 animals to take advantage of their sixth sense: the crazy bet of the “Internet of animals”

Predicting a natural disaster or the emergence of a virus, animals could one day help us. How ? Thanks to the large-scale study of their behavior, often guided by a sixth sense foreign to humans. For this, researchers launched two years ago a large-scale project, ICARUS, aimed at eventually equipping 100,000 sentinel animals with sensors … Read more

Fiber Internet BOX at a promotional price: which ISP to choose, Free, Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange?

Fiber Internet BOX at a promotional price which ISP to

With all the great deals on the market, it’s hard to find your way around when looking for a fiber internet box. To help you, we have reviewed four of the best deals of the moment. Whether in terms of price, download speed or upload speed, discover the best subscription. Get ready to know the … Read more

Scams, hacks and blackmail on the internet: a platform for filing a complaint

“In five years, we have gone from 1,700 facts observed to just over 2,100 in 2021. And the trend is strengthening in 2022 with an increase of +6%” underlines Commissioner Alexandre Cotto, head of departmental security. “It’s a tough job for… “In five years, we have gone from 1,700 facts observed to just over 2,100 … Read more