Google Messages will add a useful function to better find your most beautiful SMS

1652705509 Google Messages will add a useful function to better find

A future update from Google could offer you actions for certain messages: adding to favorites or planning. The Material You interface on Google Messages // Source: Frandroid Google continues to improve its Google Messages appafter the announcement of end-to-end encryption for RCS group chats a few days ago. Today, we learn that Google Messages could … Read more

BenQ W1800i test: an Ultra HD Android TV projector finally well calibrated

Why artificial intelligence no longer scares companies… and

The BenQ W1800i video projector has a Texas Instruments 0.47 inch DMD (DLP470TE) DLP chip displaying a native Ultra HD definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels. As a reminder, this generation uses wobulation (extremely fast display of several Full HD images offset from each other) at 240 Hz to broadcast four Full HD images side … Read more

The three VPN offers not to be missed this Sunday are gathered here

As telecommuting has become ubiquitous and the net is taking an increasingly important place in our lives, VPNs are tools that are growing exponentially. Indeed, these software protect your data and preserve your privacy online. Beyond that, many Internet users also use a VPN to bypass geoblocks and Internet censorship. And in this area, three … Read more

Bio-UV Group of Lunel at the water service for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The technology of the company, created in Pescalune land in 2000, was chosen, via its partner Watermaster, for the treatment of the pools and fountains of the Al Bayt stadium. It’s not enough to be chosen to organize the Football World Cup. In addition to the competition, there is a challenge to be met, also … Read more

14 Applications Google Utiles Que Vous Devriez Utiliser Sur Android – Tech Tribune France

Google a beaucoup d’applications. Peut-être même aussi beaucoup, dans certains (ahem) cas. Au milieu de tous les titres évidents et curieusement offres qui se chevauchentcependant, l’aile du Play Store de Google contient des trésors vraiment utiles – des créations intelligentes du créateur d’Android qui n’attendent qu’à être découvertes. Voici 14 applications Google hors des sentiers … Read more

Apple in the process of buying the manufacturer Canoo for its Apple Car?

⏰ 2 hours ago Medhi Naitmazi React What if Apple bought the Canoo startup specializing in electric vehicles? This is the hypothesis of Mark Gurman of Bloomberg which makes a clear observation on the situation of the two companies and the habits of Apple to attack a new market. A strategy that has almost paid … Read more

Organized crime: crackdown in the Southeast in the waste sector

Organized crime crackdown in the Southeast in the waste sector

The sorting center of the company Recyclage Concept 13, in Saint-Chamas, near Marseille, during the fire which lasted a month and caused significant air pollution. This is one of the sites targeted by the ongoing investigation. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP Recycling centers filled to the brim until the fire, illegal export of tons of garbage… … Read more

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Your Android or IOS App and Website

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Your Android or IOS

Facebook is a great place to be social without actual physical contact. Social media platform has become an integral part of our lives as we tend to get all the information about our loved ones, friends, family, etc. from it. However, this also means that she becomes a support for stalkers. We all have experienced … Read more