Google: security upgrades with virtual credit cards

Google security upgrades with virtual credit cards

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail Google unveiled its new features during I/O 2022. Indeed, the implementation of virtual credit cards is one of the major novelties of this conference. Now they are available on Chrome and Android. At the same time, other measures will strengthen the security of Internet users. Google adds a feature that … Read more

Meal delivery and quick commerce take the lead in online sales

For e-commerce , the beginning of the year seems to rhyme with a certain return to normal. But the latter should not hide the rapid installation of new habits. As for the trends found after two years of Covid, sales of services have thus once again become the majority, compared to purchases of products in … Read more

Apple’s AR/VR headset is past 90% of its development

⏰ 4 hours ago (Updated 4 hours ago) Julian Russo 1 One of the highly anticipated Apple novelties is undoubtedly the headset mixing augmented reality and virtual reality. A previous statement revealed that many engineers have been working on this unprecedented and ambitious project since 2015. As of now, the helmet is said to be … Read more

The challenges and obligations of electronic invoicing

the essential The finance law introduced the obligation to issue and receive electronic invoices for companies subject to VAT and established in France. They will have to submit to it according to a progressive deployment schedule between 2024 and 2026. E-invoice, dematerialized invoice or electronic invoice, the terms vary but all refer to an invoice … Read more

OnePlus Nord 2T : pour son lancement, son prix est réduit chez la Fnac

1652977904 OnePlus Nord 2T pour son lancement son prix est reduit chez

Pour OnePlus, l’heure est aux présentations. La marque vient de lever le voile sur ses deux derniers nés : les OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite et 2T. Là où le premier se place comme le modèle accessible de la gamme, le second n’hésite pas à aller titiller ses concurrents premium. Sans pour autant faire exploser la … Read more

Where does the list of potential ministers of the future government that circulates on the networks come from?

Where does the list of potential ministers of the future

The government of Elisabeth Bornecase With the approach of the appointment of the various ministers who will make up Elisabeth Borne’s government team, at least two lists of future ministers have been shared in journalistic and political circles before leaking on social networks. The ephemeral Sylvie Goulard back to be Minister of Foreign Affairs? The … Read more

Pebble Creator Wants To Give Android Its Own iPhone 13 Mini

Pebble Creator Wants To Give Android Its Own iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 mini is the best flagship of its size, with no direct competition from Android vendors. There is no compact Android phone at the moment, as Android smartphone makers have traditionally focused on larger screens for flagships. Sony was a rare exception, but the company didn’t make small flagships that could support devices … Read more

The mobile version of Apex Legends is the Battle Royale that will blow everything

The mobile version of Apex Legends is the Battle Royale

Apex Legends Mobile is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android. After rumors started in 2019, Electronic Arts had confirmed that a mobile version ofApex Legends would see the light of day, in the manner of Call of Duty Mobile. Respawn’s Battle Royale, published by Electronic Arts, and very popular on PC and consoles, finally … Read more