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Six months ago, the fast-growing GenZ social network Yubo announced the opening of its office in New York. But today, the French finds himself in the middle of a much more difficult news, that of the shooting of Uvalde in Texas. According to the information available at this time, the perpetrator, an 18-year-old young man named Salvador Ramos, was a Yubo user and allegedly made threats on the social network, which were reported by other users, without result.

Threats of rape and attack on a school

CNN reports that the young man came into contact with young girls and, on several occasions, threatened to rape them, sent a photo of his weapon which was used in the shooting as well as the receipt of 2,000 dollars of his online purchase from a manufacturer in Georgia. Hannah, an 18-year-old girl based in Ontario, Canada, reports that during a video chat, Salvador Ramos briefly showed his gun with his camera. He would also have indicated his plans to attack an elementary school on the social network.

A profile reported three times

At least three users reportedly reported these comments to Yubo, but after a temporary ban, the latter reportedly returned to the platform. A 15-year-old German woman reports that her exchanges with the young man continued via text and Facetime, and according to the latest screenshots, the latter said that he had shot his grandmother in the head and was going to make a shooting at an elementary school. The time of sending corresponds to about fifteen minutes before the start of the shots reported to the police.

The FBI investigation is ongoing and, for his part, Yubo indicated that he could not give details: ” We cooperate fully with law enforcement. In order not to hinder the efforts made during the ongoing investigation, we keep information about the personal data and activities of our users confidential. The French social network, which has 60 million users worldwide, including more than 20 million in the United States, ensures that hateful comments, threats and sexual assaults are banned and monitors all live video discussions, via intelligence artificial and a human device.

Yubo had already suffered controversy in recent years when adult men used the platform to contact underage girls and ask them for explicit photos and messages, or even a meeting. According to CNN, several men have been arrested in Kentucky, New Jersey and Florida. Last month, Indiana police sought information from a Yubo user about the murder of two teenage girls.

New identification measures

Just a week before this attack, Yubo announced new identification measures, where users must send their photo and age, a step verified by artificial intelligence. ” We take a proactive approach to perfecting and developing safeguards for our users while on the app and prioritizing security innovation above all elseexplains the company. These measures include an accessible reporting system, age and identity verification, and a combination of AI detection and human moderation tools. These advanced AI filters monitor daily not only chat discussions and private messages, but also videos shared during live streams by taking second-by-second screenshots and reporting suspicious content to moderators in real time. humans. »

And after this terrible news, the group intends to go further and announce ” in the coming days, detailed information on the new initiatives undertaken to further strengthen these measures “.

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Yubo App Implicated in Uvalde Texas Shooting – Frenchly

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