Why use Artificial Intelligence to boost your SEO?

If content marketing is part of your business’ marketing strategy, it’s important to take steps to ensure your content is optimized for search engines. This is because if you fail to rank, you could be losing valuable search traffic, which means a lot less revenue for your business…

What is SEO Content Optimization?

Content writing is not just about writing texts on a particular topic. For content to be a centerpiece of your strategy, several other factors have a lot of weight, such as quality, relevance and structure content to name a few.

As for content types such as blog posts, web pages and landing pages, another factor becomes crucial. It’s the referencing or SEO. When you write a blog post, you tend to optimize it for SEO to rank on search engines like Google.

But what about Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated website content ? More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for various SEO tasks, including content optimization.

Remember, content optimization is a strategy that helps website publishers improve their content to make it more relevant to search queries. It makes it easier for search engines like Google to understand your content.

And with AI, you can create even better content. In fact, artificial intelligence is used to optimize SEO faster because it can analyze data patterns faster than humans, at scale and in real time. It also helps optimize existing content, suggest new topics to target, and even automate existing SEO tasks.

Why use artificial intelligence in SEO?

AI has become a central part of major search engine algorithms, including Rankbrain and Google’s BERT. This factor means that if you understand AI and its impact on search engines, you can boost your SEO using AI.

But AI is also a great tool for data analysis, which is an important part of designing an effective SEO strategy.

Whether it’s helping you spot trending topics or uncovering gaps in content, you can complete tasks faster and more efficiently with AI-powered SEO software.

Concretely today, AI tools for SEO are used to:

  • Increase search traffic
  • Find keyword opportunities
  • Increase the ranking of existing and new topics/terms.
  • Generate content that ranks
  • Unlock voice search performance
  • Manage local and global search listings Adapt and automate common SEO activities

Some tools to automatically optimize content

Today, there are AI tools that automatically optimize content, fix orphan pages, auto-optimize pages for mobile, and fix duplicate content issues.

  • MarketMuse is an AI-based assistant for creating content strategies. AI-powered SEO recommendations and insights that can guide your entire content creation team.
  • BrightEdge is a global leader in SEO and content performance marketing that combines search intent discovery, optimized content creation and performance measurement in one integrated solution.
  • Sentence is an AI platform that tells marketers what questions prospects are asking, then helps them create content around those questions. The tool can actively create content summaries on any topic, as well as catalog and answer questions from site visitors.
  • HubSpot : HubSpot’s marketing automation platform has some SEO features that use AI and machine learning to help with search optimization.
  • Alli AI : Alli AI uses artificial intelligence to “optimize any website in minutes”. The tool requires no coding. And it works with any CMS. Once installed, Alli AI offers hundreds or thousands of recommended SEO actions, all of which the platform can perform for you with a click.

Most content optimization software today uses machine learning algorithms to optimize your content. The goal is to make it relevant to your users’ search queries while ensuring that it is suitable for search engines.

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Why use Artificial Intelligence to boost your SEO?

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