We made these portraits of DJs with an AI, in the style of the great painters

The turfu is now, we tell you! Among the apps and software using advanced Artificial Intelligence, Tsugi looked at DALL·E : it allows you to create almost any image on demand, as long as you use the right terms, the right keywords. We took the opportunity to create portraits of emblematic DJs and producers, each time with the style of the greatest painters. And the results are hot.

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You have certainly seen many phone apps or websites using artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly sophisticated. Among them, we find one of the best known: DALL·E. Thanks to it you can generate almost any image from your imagination, if you use the right terms, the right keywords. For example, ask him to create a bowl of soup, which looks like a monster, all sewn in wool… And magic, several images appear a few seconds later (results opposite). Well, obviously, everything is done in English so you will need a minimum of vocabulary (here we therefore typed “bowl of soup that looks like a monster knitted out of wool”).

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And what seems to work particularly well with this AI, is to create with her images as if they were painted by the greatest painters in history. So we jumped at the chance to produce 20 portraits of emblematic producer DJs of the electronic scene, from yesterday or today, international or French. 20 paintings by 20 masters. So find out Aphex Twin painted in the style of Van Gogh, Ellen Allien by Klimt, Laurent Garnier under the brush of Delacroix or even daft-punk painted by Frida Kahlo!

Ah yes, I might as well warn you: for some it’s very successful and the style of the painters is perfectly transcribed. For others, the resemblance is not always obvious. And artificial intelligence in particular seems to have a little trouble making eyes that don’t blink. (We’re sorry, ladies and gentlemen artists)

aphex twin van gogh IA painters

Aphex Twin Van Gogh style

carl cox ai painter

Picasso-style Carl Cox

Ellen Allien klimt ia painters

Ellen Allien Klimt way

jeff mills rembrandt AI painters

Jeff Mills Rembrandt way

jar warhol ia painters

Jean-Michel Jarre Warhol way

daft punk kahlo ai painters

Frida Kahlo-style Daft Punk

honey dijon basquiat ia painters

Honey Dijon Basquiat style

rone - rubens ia painters

Rubens-style Rone

boticelli romane santarelli ia painters

Romane Santarelli Botticelli way

eris drew octo octa renoir

Eris Drew and Octo Octa Renoir way

evard munch daniel avery ia painters

Daniel Avery Edvard Munch style

cezanne mansfield

Mansfield.TYA Cezanne way

manet boris brejcha

Boris Brejcha Manet style

urtrax gauguin

Gauguin-style urtrax

paul klee richie hawtin

Richie Hawtin the Paul Klee way

peggy gou raphael

Peggy Gou Raphael style

louise bourgeois kittin ia painters

Louise Bourgeois style kittin

rebotini monet

Arnaud Rebotini the Monet way

Nina Kraviz Joan Miró ia painters

Nina Kraviz Joan Miro way

delacroix laurent garnier i painters

Laurent Garnier Delacroix way

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We made these portraits of DJs with an AI, in the style of the great painters

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