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Voicemod AI is a software capable of transforming your voice in real time thanks to artificial intelligence. You can adopt the voice of actor Morgan Freeman, an astronaut or an airplane pilot.

Since its launch a few years ago, the Voicemod software allowing to change your voice in real time met with great success. However, the voice transformation techniques used were conventional.

Now the creators of Voicemod have decided to move up a gear by injecting artificial intelligence to their tool. Starting today, Voicemod AI Voices is available in beta.

Thanks to AI, this new version of the software can transform your voice into that of Morgan Freeman and other famous people. In total, eight different voices are available.

An ideal tool to change your voice on Twitch

You can replace your voice with that of a fantasy character, a pilot or even an astronaut. And the result is stunningly realistic.

Morgan Freeman’s voice is particularly impressive, and truly gives the illusion of hearing the famous American actor. The airplane pilot option is also a lot of fun, with sound effects really making it look like you’re in full flight.

the processing takes place in real timeand Voicemod therefore allows you to modify your voice during a live on Twitch or in a Discord room.

An AI trained on scripts read by voice actors

The artificial intelligence relies on data generated with the help of professional English-speaking voice actors. These professional actors read scripts to generate the data required for training AI models.

Subsequently, the sound designers used traditional techniques to transform these simple voices into full-fledged characters. Several of the options include dynamic effects, filters and background music.

Note that the AI ​​voices are processed by your own PC. Therefore, your CPU will be more stressed only with a classic Voicemod effect. If the machine is not powerful enough, performance issues may occur.

The Voicemod AI beta begins today, and you can register at this address. The classic version of the software is still available on PC and mobile, and a Mac version is in development.

The dangers of voice cloning

Recently, Voicemod also launched PowerPitch technology to create a persistent voice identity for video games or any other use case.

Over the years, synthetic voices are becoming more realistic. Technology will soon make it possible to clone any voice with ease. Unfortunately, everything like DeepFakes videosthis technical progress also raises new dangers of misinformation and handling…

However, it is also a revolution for millions of people with voice disorders. Artificial intelligence will soon make it possible to correct voice volume or speed problems in real time, and will be of great help to them.

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Voicemod transforms your voice thanks to artificial intelligence – LeBigData.fr

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