VivaTech: La Poste is committed to green and citizen digital

Since its launch in 2016, the VivaTech show has had the La Poste group as its founding partner. The public company finds in this event the opportunity to demonstrate its ambition to democratize innovations to the general public. This year is no exception to the rule, and the opportunity is perfect to present its many green and civic initiatives.

This meeting, which lasts until Saturday, is also ideal for highlighting the projects of its ecosystem of startups working in sectors of the future such as responsible finance, digital trust, low-carbon logistics, or even health. Here are the highlights of this VivaTech 2022 from the La Poste group’s point of view.

La Poste launches its data and AI school

The public group is taking advantage of this VivaTech 2022 to launch its data and AI school. The idea is quite simply to train professionals in order to meet the demands of its customers, to optimize its operational efficiency, but also to develop innovative solutions for the public sector and companies.

La Poste specifies that it wishes to train 250 candidates per year over the next three years. The latter will exercise in particular on key trades for the missions of the company such as data product owner, data analyst, data engineeror data scientist.

Ultimately, La Poste, which already has 400 data and AI experts, wants to double its workforce in these areas of expertise by 2025. This training is aimed primarily at students with initial post-work experience. baccalaureate, but it is also open to candidates undergoing professional retraining within the framework of partnerships.

Finally, it should be noted that practice will be required for students from outside who will be offered a work-study program within the La Poste group. As for internal candidates, they will have access to personalized training which integrates missions within the company.

2 competitions to help innovative startups

As it has become accustomed to during previous editions of VivaTech, La Poste has announced the winners of its competitions dedicated to committed and particularly innovative start-ups. This is the case with its French IoT accelerator, Impact x Technologie, which leads a community of 350 companies.

Launched in March 2022, this eighth edition confirmed the public group’s commitment to more responsible digital technology. Four themes were on the menu this year: local services, business services, e-health, and regional services. Here is the list of the winning companies revealed (our Twitter thread is here) this Thursday: Ouidrop, Common goods, Agriflux,, Teach Up, Coach for eyes, Cogis, Ordoclic, Oudja, SocialDirect, Kirae, Cocoparks.

La Poste also highlighted the 12 startups that won the 2022 La Poste #FemmesduNumérique Coups de cœur. The idea is to distinguish 12 entrepreneurs who have been able to break the glass ceiling that sometimes exists for women in the world of Tech. The latter were able to present their project in front of a jury. A national favorite is then awarded to the big winner. This is Laurence Havé from Lyon, who offers StandMeApp, an application for coaching for cancer patients.

A VC fund to help startups

La Banque Postale is taking advantage of the Parisian event to announce the creation of an early-stage investment fund dedicated to FinTech, InsurTech and cybersecurity with a target of 150 million euros in funding.

For Philippe Heim, Chairman of the Executive Board of La Banque Postale, the objective is to give entrepreneurs “ the possibility of realizing their ideas, within the framework of a transition that is at the same time ethical, inclusive and sober. Innovation is both a state of mind, a language and a key driver of La Banque Postale’s positive impact on society “.

This fund could be particularly useful for young nuggets still looking for funding at their start. Suiting words to deeds, the company specifies: The 115K fund has already invested in 4 start-ups to date, including three incubated at platform58: Carbo (carbon footprint measurement), Joe (BNPL in BtoC), Cashbee (savings solutions) and Cosmian (deeptech cybersecurity). »

At VivaTech, La Poste highlights innovative nuggets

The VivaTech trade show allows La Poste to present nearly thirty solutions developed or selected by its teams. Several common threads guide these initiatives and in particular the attention paid to reducing the environmental impact, or to the quality of the service provided to the public.

Artificial intelligence, health, banking, fintech, the fields of activity covered are numerous. Like Carreta, an autonomous vehicle developed in Montpellier. The latter orients himself in town and can provide material and logistical assistance to postmen, for example by sending them certain parcels or letters during their rounds.

A prototype drone, which currently makes it possible to deliver parcels in a mountainous area of ​​Isère and an isolated place in the Var, is also presented to visitors. We also remember the presentation of these two exoskeletons manufactured by German Bionic and tested in Germany and Switzerland. These relieve the deliverers and processing operators responsible for handling parcels.

Finally, La Poste is taking advantage of these four days of exhibition to allow the public to meet 60 startups with which it collaborates, in particular within the framework of the French IoT Impact x Technology accelerator, but also via its incubator plateform58. Among them are Welco, WeAct, Shiptify, and i-Virtual.

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VivaTech: La Poste is committed to green and citizen digital

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