This is the first AI that negotiates your invoices, a real free personal lawyer!

News JVTech This is the first AI that negotiates your invoices, a real free personal lawyer!

We have all gone through the ordeal of wanting to be reimbursed for an overpayment or an excessive invoice. Well, there is an AI that is there to negotiate for you and save you stress. Plus, it saves you money.

The world’s first AI lawyer

DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder posted a video demonstrating the power of AI against a human. This saved 120 euros on his bill without having to lift a finger. The IA goes so far as to threaten to sue if he does not get redress. A real lawyer.

For the moment it is a fairly limited classic model, but which is already very powerful. It helps to file a complaint or cancel a subscription. The craziest thing is that this artificial intelligence is able to analyze the general conditions of a contract to determine the important points to remember.

The CEO explains to The Verge as follows: “We’ve trained this AI to be like a robot advocate for consumers, and I imagine the disputes that we can handle have now increased dramatically because we can handle cases where you can respond rather than just send A model.”

Artificial intelligence that saves money, but can be improved

This is not yet a final version of the AI. There are still some bugs that break its very convincing side. It will even respond to a request with: “(insert email address)”.

The other more surprising issue is that the AI ​​is too polite. She thanks and answers absolutely every little question and query. This is not natural, especially given the number of thanks. DoNotPay promises that the robot will be less polite and will no longer respond to answers it does not know, such as the example in the email: “It will simply stop in its tracks and ask the user for help.”

Another plus and minus was that the robot exaggerated the problems, like a human would. Unfortunately for the public version this will not be the case, to avoid disputes and to remain factual.

Now the question we can ask ourselves is who is responsible if the artificial intelligence tells a lie or erroneous information. The consequences can be serious.

At the moment this is a model only available with American companies. However, it will be open to everyone within two weeks. It will then be necessary to wait for the model to integrate new companies and why not French women?

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This is the first AI that negotiates your invoices, a real free personal lawyer!

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