This AI Watched YouTube To Become A Minecraft Expert

News JVTech This AI Watched YouTube To Become A Minecraft Expert

Artificial intelligences are more and more powerful, even to the point of being able to play a game like Minecraft in complete autonomy. A new learning method that can revolutionize the AIs of the future.

OpenIA plays Minecraft with YouTube videos

An Artificial Intelligence watched thousands of hours of YouTube videos to play Minecraft to become the ultimate gamer. What this AI has managed to do is simply amazing. Previous versions were able to play the game, but a human had to constantly hold his hand. By doing an action, you had to describe to the AI ​​what it had done. A method impossible to automate, and yet.

OpenIA explains that its model is able to start a game from scratch and go as far as making diamond tools. It may seem simple, but the reality is that it takes a good player about twenty minutes to get there. In total, it takes about 24,000 actions. We suspect that the task becomes exponentially complex for an artificial intelligence.

On a classic copycat AI, the problem is that every action has to be labeled. Thus, artificial intelligence can understand what it is doing. When she goes to cut wood, the action must be manually recorded as such. But it’s long and above all, applied to a whole game, it’s a titanic job.

The miracle solution to train AI on Minecraft

To remedy this, the researchers used human players, who had each of their actions recorded. In total, 2000 hours of play, we were harvested on Minecraft from human players. This has thus made it possible to create a learning model to automatically label the global artificial intelligence. This removed the human step of labeling each action entirely.

The next step is to train the model with content. The researchers showed more than 70,000 hours of Minecraft YouTube videos for the AI ​​to learn on its own. The results are very promising, even if it remains visible that it is a robot that imitates a human. Baker, the researcher in charge of the project, wants to believe that with “collecting over a million hours of Minecraft videos, it will make AI even better. This is probably the best bot playing Minecraft to date.”

This kind of artificial intelligence could be able to automate tasks on the Internet and thus pass for a human. Although some scientists doubt the likelihood of such a human-like model. A game like Minecraft is limitless and has no end goal. This makes the task of an AI much more complex. Instead of solving a big problem, you have to solve an infinity of problems without knowing where you are going.

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This AI Watched YouTube To Become A Minecraft Expert

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