The Marseille start-up Telaqua announces a fundraising of 4 million euros

Telaqua, a Marseille start-up specializing in the management of agricultural and wine-growing irrigation systems, announced on May 11 a fundraising of €4 million to accelerate its commercial deployment and continue its R&D work. The roundtable was led by Demeter Investment Managers, via its VitiRev Innovation fund, supported by the Banque des Territoires, on behalf of the State as part of the France 2030 Territories Innovation Program and the winner Occit@num as well as by the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics.

Telaqua, smart and responsible irrigation in agriculture and viticulture

Created in 2018 in Aix-en-Provence by Sébastien Demech, Nicolas Cavalier and Nicolas Carvallo, Telaqua aims to support farmers in optimizing water consumption, a crucial issue for the environment since 70% of the world’s fresh water is used by agriculture according to Food & Agriculture Organization and Worldbank. It is now based in Marseille, Telaqua has 20 employees and is present in France, Europe, Africa and South America.

Telaqua, thanks to its expertise in Machine Learning and IoT, designs connected solutions to control and monitor irrigation remotely. The Irrigeasy app and associated sensors (Agromote and Mano), designed by the company, allow farmers to control, program and monitor their irrigation systems wherever they are. The Telaqua solution analyzes the uniformity and smooth running of irrigation, detects anomalies, alerts the farmer in the event of difficulty, in real time and also ensures the traceability of water consumption.

The startup, whose ambition is to put digital technology at the service of the ecological transition of agriculture, therefore allows farmers to reduce their water and electricity consumption but also to save a lot of time on irrigation.

Stéphanie Hillard, Investment Director at Demeter, says:

“Irrigation is becoming a major issue in viticulture and agriculture in general in France and internationally due to climate change. Telaqua’s mission is to enable reasoned irrigation, which optimizes the volumes of water and energy consumed. Also, we are proud to support in its commercial ambitions this efficient, complementary team from the world of IoT and irrigation and committed to the ecological transition. »

Offer a complete irrigation management support solution

Fresh water is a rare commodity, regulating its supply for agriculture has become a priority on a global scale. Telaqua aims to become the key partner for farmers by helping them to optimize their resources simply and efficiently.

Sébastien Demech, one of the company’s founders, says:

“We are particularly proud to have received the support of these investors who, thanks to their confidence, will allow us to accelerate our development and continue our efforts to offer new innovative and sustainable solutions for the sector. This fundraising is just one step in our adventure in the service of ecological and societal transition. »

This fundraising will allow Telaqua to continue its growth in France and in Europe by offering a complete solution to help manage irrigation for agriculture and in particular viticulture, to develop partnerships with key players. of the Agtech market and distributors for its commercial deployment

On the technological side, it aims to offer more features to its customers, while keeping simplicity of use as a guideline. To achieve this, it will surround itself with laboratories or universities, in order to continue its work in AI for predictive decision support as well as on blockchain for traceability.

Gabriel Giabicani, director of operations and innovation at the management of
the Investment of the Banque des Territoires, declares:

“Agricultural being the first user of water resources, in particular for irrigation, the sustainable management of water in rural areas is crucial. Our entry into the capital, on behalf of the State, aims to support its development, to contribute directly to the objectives of better management of water resources and to build resilient agriculture in a context of climate change. »

Nicolas Reynard, head of CMA CGM Ventures, explains:

“Innovation is part of the DNA of the CMA CGM Group, it is one of the 5 strategic pillars of our Group and we play a leading role in this area by bringing together startup ecosystems. CMA CGM is also committed to protecting the environment through concrete actions, and we are thus mobilizing the entrepreneurial fabric, in particular to jointly develop solutions that are more respectful of the planet. By investing in Telaqua, we want to enable committed regional entrepreneurs to innovate in an essential sector that is reasoned irrigation. »

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The Marseille start-up Telaqua announces a fundraising of 4 million euros

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