Thanks to AI, an artist imagines the countries of the world as naughty video games and France is bad ass!


I’m impressed day by day by the AI ​​
Can’t wait for it to create a video game (just to see)


It fits perfectly.
Beneath what appears to be a big armour-clad army playing tough, there’s a goat that thinks it’s Napoleon. Approved.


Yes, but nothing really new graphically… It’s clean, clean, but that’s all.


@dredd you love your country it’s nice to see!


Except that it will still evolve and all that is just with a few sentences. 1 or 2 years ago we were far from what we are today
So to make models for movie games or others, to do the job of a simple illustrator.
I want to make an image for a subject, a story, a book, I don’t know how to draw it doesn’t matter, a free thing gives me what I want in a few minutes when you have to pay several hundred euros for a graphic designer who will take time.
We don’t ask the AI ​​to invent a new graphic style.
Like nvidia’s AI that creates 3d objects, no more need for lots of designers to make rocks, streetlights, in short lots of things from the environment, a huge savings in time and money. Just like for bad little cinematographers under blender because everyone has their own job.
He wants a unique spaceship for his film for the fx, boom the AI ​​generates a spaceship for him,…


As a woman, you have to know that you can love something very much and be a little sour with it.


What does it give if we type: France cheese that stinks baguette at 1€10 beret from 1940 and Macron resignation?


Nothing new under the sun, I do the same in 2 minutes by transforming politicians into comic book characters:
1024×512 869 KB


I’m impressed day by day by the AI
Can’t wait for her to create a video game (just to see)
If she programs like she copies images, we’ll never pass the Gold stage of the game
image1024×1024 62.9 KB


A designed to DOTA and LOL in approach ??
League of nations!


@dredd Yes indeed, more than correct as an answer and how true


“Thanks to AI an artist…”
The term Artist may have already been a bit overused, but here we are hitting rock bottom.
If anyone who injects 10 words into Mid Journey becomes makes an artist…
I do not mind that there are cases where we can speak of co-creation when a person proposes an idea (but then a singular idea which will participate at least for 2/3 in the value of the final work) and leaves the execution to a “craftsman” (but a craftsman who is incapable of creating and just executing …) mastering his art.
But there … All the merit goes to the brilliant designers of Mid Journey.
And this “craftsman” (mid journey) is just a copier/mixer, which produces things that are certainly very impressive, stunning in their complexity of rendering … but quite uniform). It is non-existent without the accomplished work of artists. His only know-how is mixing and copying. Whereas an artist first learned to draw and not to copy. He learned the techniques of drawing which opens all doors, and not those of copying.
We can conceive of “artists” (a term all the same lame) having little or no mastery of craftsman and nevertheless producing works that are valid for their concept.
But the basic concept of mid journey products designed on the line, is a mixture of two things. Selection of two things for which we still wonder why there is human intervention (otherwise it’s funny and it makes it possible to bait the heat on a service that will have to be paid for when the sauce has set).< br /> Might as well automate everything.
Leave the almost random selection of n words to the program (just category constraints: subjects, style, rendering), run mid journey in a loop, automatically publish on social networks, and let the “likers” do the chain sorting… and produce NFTs with the winners.
2001 is almost a comedy in view of what is currently playing: /

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Thanks to AI, an artist imagines the countries of the world as naughty video games and France is bad ass!

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