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Thales brings collaborative combat to a new dimension with the Combat Digital Platform


  • Thales strengthens its position in the era of collaborative combat with the Combat Digital Platform: a cybersecure solution that materializes and facilitates the collaborative engagement of land forces on the battlefield of the future in a unified system that allows understanding, decision and action. faster than the opponent.
  • This tactical system is based on infovaluation and artificial intelligence to allow the exchange and automatic analysis of a multitude of information from all levels of command and all vehicles in geographical proximity.
  • The Combat Digital Platform was designed as close as possible to the field to offer a user experience adapted to the needs of the forces.

The evolution of threats and the nature of conflicts in theaters of operation initiate significant changes in the conduct of missions. Digital transformation, advanced connectivity solutions or the multiplication of actors on the battlefield are now an integral part of operations. To exchange, analyze and make use of this large quantity of available data, Thales is launching the Combat Digital Platform, a cyber-secure system designed to provide forces with information superiority in the theater of operations.

Much more than a command system, the Combat Digital Platform brings the collaborative engagement of land forces to a new dimension thanks to theartificial intelligence. Deployed from the command center to frontline vehicles, the system enables continuous and flexible sharing of information at all levels, between sensors and weapon systems, under the supervision of operators. Real-time cooperation between sensors – on vehicle, on drone or dismounted – significantly improves the situational awareness on the battlefield with the merging and automatic data processing.

Furthermore, the joint operations or carried out in coalition with the allies are facilitated. Indeed, the Combat Digital Platform can integrate a classic tactical command system (Battle Management System) available to a partner and offers cybersecure data exchange compatible with many NATO standards. With information that can be quickly assimilated and exploited in complete security, cooperation and combat readiness between different stakeholders is simplified and accelerated. Presenting useful and reliable information to the end of the chain thus accentuates interoperability.

Thales’ know-how and expertise in terms of on-board connectivity are at the heart of this system. Based on a digital platform architecture based on a true combat cloud, the Combat Digital Platform benefits from advanced connectivity focused in particular on software-defined radios, SATCOMs and LTE mobile networks.1.

The design, development and evaluation of the system were carried out by around fifty experts from Thales in collaboration with end users, taking advantage of the experience acquired on the SCORPION program. This allowed the creation of a system offering a user experience advanced, as close as possible to the reality on the ground.

“With the Combat Digital Platform, Thales takes up the challenge of exploiting all tactical data in a unified cyber-secure system that allows land forces to understand, decide and act faster than the adversary. The soldier remains at the heart of the decision. » Gérard Herby, Vice President, Protection Systems, Thales.

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Thales: takes collaborative combat into a new dimension with the Combat Digital Platform | Market area

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