SystemX creates “Tech Labs @SystemX” to accelerate the development and technology transfer of its assets

SystemX, the Technological Research Institute (IRT) dedicated to digital systems engineering, announced on May 16, the establishment of “Tech Labs”, a new cooperation strategy focused on technology transfer. Since its creation in 2012, the IRT has been coordinating collaborative research projects with industrial and academic partners, with the aim of developing technological building blocks that meet industrial needs. The technological assets of this work can have a significant economic and societal impact, the Tech Labs will make it possible to promote the most mature and thus meet the needs and major challenges of the targeted markets.

Since its creation, SystemX has carried out 53 partnership R&T projects. This new mode of partnership will make it possible to enhance the impact of its technological assets.

Unlike R&D, which covers the entire research and development process up to the final product, R&T only concerns the first phases of the process, in particular the study of mature technological bricks essential to launch the development of a project. The maturity of a technology is assessed by its TRL (Technology Readiness Level) on a scale of 1 to 9, R&T includes technologies whose TRL is between 1 and 6.

Tech Labs @SystemX

For this new mode of bilateral strategic cooperation, SystemX, after having defined the technological assets and services to be valued, associates itself with an expert partner of the technology concerned. Both, under a common roadmap, will develop market-ready solutions and services (TRL of up to 6). In the context of this collaboration, SystemX partners will benefit from access to its technologies and their teams, support to expand their skills
and carry out standardization actions at French and international level.

Partners, on the other hand, provide the technology, product or service.

The promotion of technologies developed within the framework of SystemX’s R&T projects enables its industrial partners to respond to the problem of scaling up by providing them with turnkey industrial solutions.

Valuing technological assets, the DNA of SystemX

SystemX has always wanted to maximize the impact of its work, by focusing on technology transfer. In 2019, it thus created its valuation subsidiary, SystemX Transfert, and carried out an initial spin-off, by entering the capital of The Blockchain XDev, alongside The Blockchain Group.

Paul Labrogère, Director General of the IRT, then declared:

“This is SystemX Transfer’s first spin-off. The creation of this development subsidiary is perfectly aligned with the mission entrusted to the IRTs to ensure the socio-economic development of its results. Our collaboration with The Blockchain XDev allows us to transfer digital assets from our projects to our partners and create long-term value. More generally, by developing a spin-off policy, we want to offer our talents with an entrepreneurial spirit the possibility of benefiting from our support in carrying out their project. »

Tech Labs are a second lever to support this value creation.

Paul Labogère concludes:

“For almost 10 years, SystemX has been co-innovating with its partners to create societal and economic value. Technology transfer is a key phase and the IRT wants to strengthen it, in particular by creating start-ups and setting up Tech Labs @SystemX. Tech Labs should allow us to accelerate and de-risk the industrialization phase to go to market, but also to continue to strengthen the competitiveness of our partners through technology. »

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SystemX creates “Tech Labs @SystemX” to accelerate the development and technology transfer of its assets

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