Student housing: “I’ve been looking for Toulouse for more than a month”

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Every year, a few weeks before the start of the academic year, many students are still struggling to find accommodation in Toulouse, where more than 80,000 of them stay during their studies. Testimony.

It’s the same headache every summer for hundreds of students who, for one reason or another, find themselves without a housing solution a few weeks before the start of the academic year in Toulouse.

Some people sometimes have bad luck, but the response from private rental companies is not always immediate for young graduates eager to find accommodation.

After leaving her Toulouse apartment last April to do an internship abroad, Yasmine, a student who has since returned to Toulouse for her second year of Master’s, knows all the difficulties in the world to find accommodation. For now, it almost only targets offers on the leboncoin website.

“Only one answer…”

“When I went abroad, I didn’t want to continue paying for my apartment for several months, so I left it, explains the robotics student at UPSSITECH (school of engineers at Toulouse University 3 Paul Sabatier). I came back to Toulouse this week but I’ve been looking for accommodation since July. But out of 30 emails sent to rental companies, I only received one response. »

A budget of 580 euros

With a budget “of 580 euros, maximum”, assures Yasmine, the young woman aged 22 wishes, for the time being, “to avoid real estate agencies which often take significant fees”.

The student “prefers to go through individuals”. “I may have too many requirements, she continues, but I’m looking for a 25 m2 apartment, ideally located near metro line B or bus 34, but it’s in high demand.”

According to Yasmine, the frequency of advertisements on the internet has marked a “sharp drop since the beginning of August”. Enough to put more pressure on her as she returns to UPSSITECH on September 2. “Currently, I’m staying with a friend who kindly took me in, but I’m not going to abuse her hospitality. »

The issue of student housing

Does the city of Toulouse lack accommodation for students? The question is constantly topical, while the Pink City sees the attractiveness of its university offer grow every year. As a result, in ten years, Toulouse Métropole has welcomed nearly 30,000 additional students. They are more than 110,000 young people to continue their studies in Toulouse.

“The city has around 83,000 students living on a regular basis on its territory among the 115,000 registered, i.e. more than 32,000 students from neighboring territories and inter-municipalities, sometimes still living in the home of their parents”, notes in its housing observatory 2022 student at the Toulouse Metropolitan Area Urban Planning and Development Agency (AUAT).

A priority studio

The survey covers fourteen intercommunalities of the Toulouse Academy, where there are 32,000 student accommodations. But the demands of students looking for accommodation have changed. The rental and colocation site, which publishes its 2022 index, estimates that “of all the requests from student tenants analyzed, a majority (55%) are looking for a studio or a one-bedroom apartment as a priority. The one-bedroom apartment (T2) is the choice of 19% of students”.

However, it is not the diversity of the offer that is lacking: this is particularly the case of U housing estates, Crous residences, residences managed by social landlords, private serviced residences, public or private hostels, school residences, boarding schools and hostels for young workers…

Students, a growing population in Toulouse

Who says more students in Toulouse and in the metropolitan area, says more housing. A major challenge for local authorities. “In 6 years, according to the latest figures from the Toulouse Metropolitan Area Planning and Development Agency (AUAT), the number of students has increased by 15% over the entire observation perimeter, i.e. 18,000 additional students. . In volume, nearly 80% of this growth was achieved in the Toulouse metropolitan area (14,000 additional students over the period)”. The trend, notes the AUAT, is not really for shared accommodation, even if the phenomenon is gaining ground. “Nearly half of the students living alone live alone in their accommodation, explains the Agency. About 15% would live in shared accommodation, a trend that seems to be increasing, in particular in connection with a growing desire for collective and shared life and the wish to have less expensive housing”.

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Student housing: “I’ve been looking for Toulouse for more than a month”

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