SteelSeries unveils its new Arctis Nova Pro range with 5 headsets

Audio specialists continue to wage a merciless battle in the gaming headset market. The public targeted by this sector is always larger and certain manufacturers have forged a more than solid reputation in the top of the range and very well made helmets. This is the case of SteelSeries which has just presented its latest range called Arctis Nova Pro.

A range of 5 new helmets equipped with the Sonar Audio suite

With this Arctis Nova Pro range developed over four years, SteelSeries wanted to come back with five worked headsets supposed to offer “the ultimate sound and acoustic experience”. This first-of-its-kind series incorporates high-fidelity audio and unprecedented voice clarity through the use of artificial intelligence. Comfort is also paramount for SteelSeries with a smart and ergonomic Danish design.

One of the key new features of this range is the use of the Sonar Audio suite which offers the first professional quality parametric equalizer available to players. This unique feature offers new sound control capabilities for games, team chat and microphone and each frequency can be adjusted separately without difficulty. Arctis Nova Pro headsets also offer 360° spatial audio and unprecedented clarity according to the manufacturer. Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries, states in particular:

“There are defining moments in every industry, and this is one of those defining days. Today we enter a new era of gaming audio with the launch of the Arctis Nova Pro line and the Sonar Audio software suite. We’re really excited about empowering gamers, providing them with a competitive edge, and bringing them the experience of pure hi-fi acoustics in games. »

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The Arctis Nova Pro line features the Multi-System Connect hub that allows USB switching between multiple devices at the same time. Gamers can seamlessly switch between PCs, Xboxes, Switches or mobile devices with the press of a button, and without having to change cables. The headsets feature a new noise-canceling microphone enhanced by the Sonar audio suite that silences all background noise from keyboards, computer fans, and more.

In terms of comfort, the ComfortMAX system is used which offers 4 points of adjustment with height-adjustable rotating ear cups, a flexible tension band, pivoting suspensions and a PVD-coated steel band ensuring long-lasting durability. long term.

SteelSeries unveils its new Arctis Nova Pro range with 5

The Arctis Nova Pro Series range is made up of the following 5 headsets and is available now:

  • Arctis Nova Pro – 279.99 €
  • Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox) – €279.99
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless – €379.99
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) – €379.99
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (PlayStation) – €379.99

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SteelSeries unveils its new Arctis Nova Pro range with 5 headsets

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