Star Ctizen Monthly Report: May 2022 Monthly Report

The Star Citizen Monthly Reports give us an overview of the work that has been keeping developers at Cloud Imperium Games busy over the past month. Here is what we remember from this month of May 2022.

Artificial intelligence (content)

The team considered that the visual rendering of the characters’ movements did not live up to their expectations. It appeared to them as “vital” to combine secondary animations with movement animations. So they created 40 new animations secondary (such as scratching your head, stretching, or cracking your fingers) that will be combined with non-player character walking.

Dynamic conversation technology starts to be used in three situations: four-person tables in the mess, places where non-player characters wait, and arcade cabinets. We will soon be able to see the non-player characters there start conversations between them.

Artificial intelligence (technology)

Non-player ships can now accelerate while they warm up their quantum engine before making a trip of the same name. This feature will be able to be used for missions.

Several test scenarios have been activated, which will allow better detect the consequences of changes made by other teamson targeted functionalities.

Improvements have been made to Subsumption (the non-player character action planner), especially for coordinated conversations and activities.

The ability for non-player characters to push carts continues to develop, with a better control of the force exerted and an detection of blocking situations.

Non-player characters can now receive a mission from defend an area. As an example, this will allow designers to define areas in which guards should patrol.

Non-player characters take better account targets taking coverallowing them to save ammo in certain situations.

Different character factions can now have different considerations when it comes to friendly fire. For example, a “mean” gang will only seek to preserve the lives of its members, while a “nice” group will also seek not to harm civilians.

Artificial intelligence (vehicle features)

A tool now makes it possible to assign multi-ship scenarios. For example, this allows a fighter group to perform a dive attack against a capital ship.


News emotes are in preparation.

The team worked on a new mission giver.

Of the facial animation for vendors and workers were created.

Art (characters)

The team is working on armors for the second quarter, and on the border outfits of the Pyro system.

Art (vessels)

In preparation for recycling gameplaya damage visuals update pass was made on all the vessels.

An unrevealed ground vehicle has moved into final art.

A new ship has entered the greybox phase.

The Merchantman is progressing through its greybox phase, with a focus on outward appearance.

The SRV has entered production and will soon complete its whitebox phase.

The Corsair progresses, in particular the inhabited turrets, the quarters of the crew and the captain, the hold, the airlock of entry.


The systems of pulley with rope can now be simulated by the engine.

The transition to Gen12 continues, with several new pieces of code completed.

Optimizations have been made to the game engine core.

Features (Arena Commander)

The team works on both scanner improvements and fixing bugs that affect Arena Commander and Star Marine.

Improvements to ship races will be deployed in an upcoming patch.

Features (characters and weapons)

The team works on the foot scanner, with a scan wave and an highlighting detections. Among these, interactive objects and critical points of interest for mission progression will be highlighted.

The scanned objects will bring more information. For a door, we can see its status or if a hack is in progress. For a body, we can see the cause of death.

As part of the recycling, exchanges of the position of the damage suffered by a ship between the server and the clients have been optimized.

Features (vehicles)

Great progress has been made on the functionality of boost for quantum travel. [Note du rédacteur : cette nouveauté a été évoqué à quelques reprises par CIG depuis un an, mais n’a pas été expliquée en détails] Developers aim to provide a good experience when acceleration and keeping the course. This feature will take into account points of interest, allowing pilots to fly to the targeted destinations.

A continuous effort is made to persistence technologies.

A pass was made to balance item durability, in an effort to prevent ships from being knocked out by explosions.

A balancing of the Starfarer supply capacity is in progress.

The ground vehicle physics overhaul is soon ready to be put into play.


Work continues on the ship damage layers. Developers ensure that debris falling off a ship retain damage they had before coming off.

Progress has been made on Gen12 and Vulkan.


The Reclaimer wrecks in space and the camps built around the ground wrecks of this ship are being finalized. This first attempt at camping around an abandoned or crashed ship will assess whether depth can be added, with new modules, missions, gameplays, and path variations.

Camps in the wrecks of 600i and Mercury, which will be found on Daymar, have progressed well this month.

The Lorville redesign is entering the pre-production phase.

The building interiors enter the concept phase.


Work continues on new missions with new archetypes.

The team also seeks to facilitate the introduction of new players.


Mighty Bridge integration to the editor is complete. Its first application is as a tool for placement of vegetation without collisions, which will be used for campsites in wrecks. The next application is a tool to create craters around ship crashes.

The tool of procedural creation of places progress well. Basic layouts have been created, and the team is now tackling single or looped corridors, as well as place models (stations, caves, underground facilities, etc.)

animation techniques

The team continues to improve internal development tools beforeincrease the productivity of developers and artists.

User interfaces

Some of the code was rewritten in preparation for the persistence technology which will arrive in 3.18.

Special effects

Work has started for the quantum travel revamp began. The developers have described the gameplay needs at the different stages: engine warm-up, start and finish.

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Star Ctizen Monthly Report: May 2022 Monthly Report

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