Specialist in cardiac arrhythmia, the medtech Volta Medical wants to go faster on the world market, from Marseille

Irregular heartbeat is a disorder that can be temporary, sometimes depending on strong emotions felt. But it is also a serious pathology, including atrial fibrillation, which has focused the efforts of Volta Medical since its creation in 2016, in Marseille. The young company has indeed developed software, equipped with artificial intelligence, which is able to map the heart and indicate to surgeons which are the problem areas to be treated.

New algorithms, other arrhythmias

As in any medical device, the clinical study is the way to prove it. If a first study was carried out and confirmed the innovation of VX1, a second study, broader, which concerns 30 establishments and 5 countries, is in progress in order to consolidate it.

And it is clearly part of the stakes. Because in certain cases of atrial fibrillation, the ablation of the electrical wires considered to cause the arrhythmia remains ineffective. It is then necessary to intervene again but to find out which other zones, not cauterized, are involved. ” A special procedure is required for these patients. “, explains Theophile Mohr Durdez, co-founder and CEO of medtech. And as VX1 makes it possible to generate a cartography, the software of the French company is able to bring here all its added value.

How Volta Medical wants to establish itself in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

The other challenge is to develop new algorithms to address other cases of arrhythmias because, to begin with, ” we had to prioritize “. But also to be able to work in interoperability with the other machines present in the operating room and this in a concern for the efficiency of the surgeon and the procedure. Interoperability that requires discussion with industry players in the sector.

The United States, a major element of the strategy

Volta Medical which looks strongly and since its creation towards the United States. Among the funds accompanying the latest fundraising – apart from Gilde HelthCare, already present in the previous round – is, among others, the American Vensana Capital, specializing in venture capital and growth capital, which notably provided its financial boost to other medical devices like Cameron Health or Epic Therapeutics which manufactures catheters used for patients with atrial fibrillation. The United States is necessarily the country not to be ignored in its growth strategy. ” If we come to be a successful platform, with headquarters in Europe, we must be focused on the United States. It was our desire to go American investors “.

Who says growth also says transition to a more industrial phase where marketing goes with it. If the Marketing Authorization was obtained in 2020 – in 2021 for the United States – “We don’t have a commercial phase yet. We are rather in a preparatory phase and will be able to begin its procedures in 2025. », Details the CEO of Volta Medical. Who expects a lot from the participation in the congress of the specialty which is held in New Orleans, in the United States next May.

70% of the budget allocated to R&D

The medtech which, in order to realize its roadmap, invests enormously in R&D, to which 1/3 of the budget, i.e. nearly 28 million euros, is devoted. In addition to a new version of the software planned before the summer, other developments are underway, admits Théophile Mohr Durdez. The team of 70 employees should also grow, with around thirty recruitments planned in order to increase the workforce to 100 people by 2025. Volta Medical and its CEO, who also relish the health and innovation ecosystem of the Aix-Marseille metropolis, an internationally recognized sector which is one of the levers of attractiveness. ” We are very proud to be a Marseille company and a large part of the planned recruitments are here “.