Smize bets on generative AI to disrupt the world of photography

The concept Smize is exported. First in the form of a website, the new French platform for generating ultra-realistic photos now exists in a mobile application. Smize is an online service that allows everyone to generate very high resolution photos of themselves in the universe of their choice. Olivier Zetlers, co-founder of the startup, details: “If you want to see yourself at the Woodstock concert in 1969, you upload photos of yourself to Smize and then you will receive five life-size photos of yourself, which respect the place and the style of dress of the time”.

For this, the online service is based on generative artificial intelligence (AI). From a very large corpus of royalty-free images annotated with text, the AI ​​learns to reproduce such and such a situation. “Like a human, by dint of seeing examples, the AI ​​learns to generalize”, summarizes Olivier Zetlers. The subtlety is this, according to the co-founder: “Once the AI ​​has learned to generalize, it knows how to produce new examples itself, which gives an infinity of possible reality”. For the technical part, Olivier Zetlers relies on the other co-founder, Matthieu Bizien, whom he describes as “computer geek”.

Make generative AI “a commodity”

Olivier Zetlers’ experience in the world of photo shoots is at the origin of this concept. The co-founder of Smize has spent hours and hours with photographers who take thousands of shots to choose only one, himself reworked and retouched for long hours in post-production. Shootings sometimes require international travel, which also entails costs. “In addition, people do not realize the hardship or even the situations of slavery behind the production of these commercial images”adds Olivier Zetlers.

For content creators, influencers and photo models in particular, Smize intends to contribute to the transformation of the commercial photo market. “Our service allows anyone to produce photos in any place, in any context, with a quality that is not within reach of smartphones or cameras”assures Olivier Zetlers.

Initially, the pack of five photos will cost €4.99 but eventually, Smize wants to offer its service for free. It’s about making concept “a convenience, such as water or electricity”. Four employees work within the team and around 25 people – consultants, developers, AI researchers, etc. – gravitate around as needed.

While some companies are also working on generative AI technology in the field of photography, Smize intends to stand out around three axes: cutting-edge research in terms of technology, focusing on photography and only photography and effort put into the editorialization of background themes. For Olivier Zetlers, “photos will be less and less taken with cameras or smartphones but more and more composed by AIs”. “However, the use of the camera remains essential to capture a memory, Smize captures ideas or projections of your imagination”he concludes.

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Smize bets on generative AI to disrupt the world of photography

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