SEO trends for 2023: will artificial intelligence (AI) replace humans in certain web referencing professions?

In 2022, many changes and more or less important announcements related to natural referencing on Google have taken place. Between the announcement of the Helpful Content Update algorithm filter and that of John Mueller on the fact that netlinking would have less impact among the SEO criteria of the American search engine, the specialists SEO to rethink their strategies by placing much more emphasis on quality content than on netlinking (while referring domains and external links are among the main pillars of popularity optimization for a website) for example.

The most significant SEO developments in 2022

Towards the end of 2022, SEO discussions focused a lot on artificial intelligence, in particular, on Open AI’s GPT3 (Generative Pre-training Transformer 3).

As a reminder, GPT3 is a deep learning model made up of algorithms capable of recognizing data patterns and which can also learn through examples.

It should be noted that the GPT3 is becoming more and more qualified and it uses its algorithms to generate textual content in different languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, etc.). Some SEO experts believe in the future of artificial intelligence to facilitate their daily work, others do not, believing that robots cannot replace human brains with emotions and semantic connections.

Various tests and debates between experts have emerged on the quality of the results produced by the textual and visual generation AIs which are developing more and more and more and more quickly. The threat of AI does exist for certain professions in digital and site referencing. There will certainly be more and more elements that can be automated quite easily.

From our point of view, we believe that we SEOs will have no choice but to adapt to developments in AI as we have always done (whether for the launch of web signals with Core Web Vitals, UX optimization, mobile criteria, load times, etc.).

During 2022, topics related to video and audio SEO have also been quite important with Shorts on YouTube, TikTok videos as well as Podcasts. On the other hand, Search through the metaverse tends towards a sort of flop in Europe, in France in our opinion (while in Asia, especially in China, it is quite the opposite. Baidu launched its metaverse with XiRang and that seems to work rather). In Europe, we see less discussion around this topic.

What are the SEO trends for 2023?

Among the SEO developments that will certainly be very popular from the start of 2023, these will be all topics related to artificial intelligence, as we mentioned in the previous part of this column. These developments will need to be monitored very closely.

With the evolutions of GPT3 and other AIs to generate textual and visual content (like DALL.E), we are led to wonder how SEOs will be able to integrate AIs into their daily work.

As far as we are concerned, we see artificial intelligence as a kind of assistance to help us produce faster and more efficiently.

AIs remain robots and they do not have the possibility of qualifying and putting emotions into the content produced. It is up to us, web referencing specialists, to gauge the degree of use of artificial intelligence and to measure the extent to which we wish to integrate AI into our product work.

In addition, we believe that in 2023, the SEO of podcasts, videos could also develop strongly as these are increasingly popular formats in terms of portability (especially on mobile) compared to written articles or publications. textual.

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SEO trends for 2023: will artificial intelligence (AI) replace humans in certain web referencing professions?

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