Scan the lawyers or the brain, the latest innovations at the tech fair

published on Sunday 08 January 2023 at 08:13

At CES in Las Vegas, hundreds of start-ups tried to prove that tech can help humans heal, improve education and work, increase productivity and save the planet.

Selected pieces from the annual high mass of technological innovations and electronic gadgets which ends on Sunday.

– We touch with our eyes –

The start-up One Third, which has made it its mission to fight against food waste, has presented an infrared light device to “scan” avocados.

Just show him one of these fruits known for their nutritional benefits and read the result on a mobile application.

The program’s algorithms indicate whether the avocado is “not yet ripe”, “ripe” or “overripe”, with a color code.

In addition to the information, useful for consumers, the device is supposed to prevent supermarket customers from trying the fruit one after the other, which damages them.

The company gets its name from the fact that a third of the food produced in the world is wasted.

– Magic sorting hat –

Like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat, the iSyncWave headset sits on the head and is able to scan brainwaves and make a diagnosis.

But it’s not magic. The device performs an electroencephalogram and its artificial intelligence algorithms predict the risk of cognitive disorders (including Alzheimer’s) in ten minutes.

The South Korean company that designed it, iMediSync, believes that its headset could drastically reduce the financial resources and time needed for such diagnostics.

The device should also be used to carry out certain therapies against neurodegenerative diseases.

– Dance now –

Many start-ups are working on methods of communication with technology, for all humans who do not know how to code but have, or will need to interact with increasingly complex computer systems.

At the Tactigon (Next Industries) stand, Nadia Giuliani stands behind a small robot, grabs two connected controllers and claps her hands, saying “clap”.

The device imitates him immediately, applauding. The manager can also teach him dance moves.

“Our technology is used to transform interactions with devices,” explains Massimiliano Bellino, the boss of Next Industries.

“We use voice commands and gestures to humanize interactions with the digital world,” he continues.

The Italian company’s software suite, based on artificial intelligence, is designed especially for factories, so that technicians can teach robots to perform tasks instead of having to program them manually.

Tactigon promises 30% productivity gains thanks to algorithms.

– Smart punching bag –

With I’I-Perskin, it’s no longer a question of hitting your punching bag anyhow.

This connected cover slips over the punching bag and features light targets and flexible electronic sensors to guide the exercises and analyze the boxer’s strength and precision.

A mobile app allows workouts to be set and performance to be reviewed.

The French start-up that designed the cover, I-Percut, intends to sell it initially to sports halls.

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Scan the lawyers or the brain, the latest innovations at the tech fair

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